MCM + Weekend Recap

1. You go to Sunday brunch with me to a restaurant an hour away.

2. You cuddle while watching manly movies like Die Hard.

3. You don’t complain about the way nail polish smells when I paint my nails, even though I know you hate it.

4. You’ll cook your own dinner when I’m planning something “too healthy” and don’t fuss about it. Or ask me to make something different.

5. You let me exercise in the living-room with only a little bit of laughter.

Love you.


So this weekend I ate a burger.

I think I broke some cardinal rule or weight loss.

Whatever. Sue me. That thing was bangin’!

Blue cheese. Bacon. Caramelized onions.

Yeah. It was worth every.single.bite!

And I’d totally have another one, too.

Other than that the weekend was not very eventful. I didn’t workout. Any. I planned on it Saturday but just didn’t feel like it – I was a total bum Saturday.I don’t feel bad about not working out because I managed to exercise some every work day last week.

Sunday I spent the day with Mr. Chocolate. We went to brunch at a place called 202 Market – I had a ham, spinach, roasted red pepper, & feta omelet with a side of home fries. Then we split a piece of key lime pie. So yummy. So worth it.

Other than that my weekend was totally uneventful. Food was seriously the highlight of my weekend. Is that sad? Please tell me that’s not sad.


Daily Menu:

B: PB2 & Banana smoothie, coffee. -5
L: Chicken salad sandwich, hummus w/ carrots. -10
S: Apple & cheese stick. -2
D: Black & Blue salad. -10ish


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