Things I Love Friday – Hip Hop Abs!

It’s Friday!

Thank goodness.

This has been the s.l.o.w.e.s.t. week ever. For serious. I’m glad it’s over.

Tonight is going to be tough to stick with my goal of eating at home at least 3 days. I had take-out leftovers for dinner on Monday & Subway on Wednesday. I don’t have any leftovers to heat up, which means I have to cook. And I don’t want to.

Meatloaf is on the menu, but I’m not feeling it. And considering throwing a bunch of stuff together in a pot, browning the meat, rice, veggies, spices, salsa, & cheese.

Who knows. We’ll see.

It’ll probably be meatloaf.


So, Friday is to talk about amazing things I love. Whatever they may be.

This week, it’s Hip Hop Abs.

hip hop abs

And Shaun T.

Sometimes I think he’s very vain with showing me his totally ripped, what is that, an 8 pack? Whatever. He may be vain, but he’s encouraging and he’s sexy.

I’ll take it.

Those abs - he likes to show them.

Those abs – he likes to show them.


But anyway, Shaun T and his gorgeousness aside, it’s a great workout. I sweat – and I’m not a sweater. Ask my coworker, I just turn 10 shades of red and look like a beet.

So far I have only done the 25 ab workout and it’s a beast. I definitely feel it while I’m working out. And after. And I’m covered in sweat.

Tonight I might try doing the 45 minutes routine and see how I do.

Seriously. Go order this. It’s only like $20 for a ton of stuff. I even have a friend who sells it, and no she did not put me up to posting about this.

I’m not following the program exactly, I’m using HHA as a fill in workout for when I can’t make it to the gym, which is often.

And if you take before and after photos & submit them you get a free t-shirt.

Who doesn’t love free!


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