Recipe Review – Dashing Dish Triple Chocolate Muffins

I made these bad boys over the weekend. They were pretty good if I do say so myself. The texture was a little… spongy… for my liking. I think that’s because she uses only oats, ground up, instead of flour. I also think they needed a little… something. But I don’t know what. Maybe it’s because they are a knockoff of VitaTops chocolate muffins, and I think VitaTops are a little spongy and bland.

Don’t get me wrong – these babies are yummy. And I will be making them again. But I’ve put them into my recipe builder and made a few changes.

First off, the recipe she has posted on her website says they are 3pts each – maybe it’s because I used 1 cup of Splenda vs. 1/2 a cup of Stevia, but mine came out to 4pts each. Which was slightly annoying since I’ve been counting them as 3 and found out today that they are, in fact, 4pts.

After putting her recipe in my recipe builder I started making changes. First off I changed them to 1 cup of whole wheat flour and left 3/4 cup of ground oats. I *hope* this will make them less spongy like and a little more dense. I also lessened the chocolate chips from 1/2 cup to 1/3 cup. This dropped them back down to 3pts – like I said, if you use Stevia double check your points, but mine came out to 4pts each with Splenda.

I have no idea how these changes will turn out when I make them again, hopefully good. So stay tuned in the next week or so how they are!


So last night I had zero motivation to work out. Like none. I did my homework. I watched some Big Bang Theory. And then I sat my happy butt on the sofa and ate too many french fries. Oops.

But I tracked it all. And because of the snow I believe I’ll be leaving work early. Therefore I have already planned to do a little longer workout today.

I haven’t figured out my dinner for tonight. I could make a veggie burger, but let’s be honest, they’re never that good. I might thaw out some chicken and make a grilled chicken sandwich. Or maybe some chicken fajitas without the wraps.

I feel as though a Wal-Mart run is in order if I get off of work early enough. Get some tomatoes, supplies for a beef roast to make on Thursday. (Yes mom, I know I need to just go straight home once I leave work.)


Daily Menu:

B: Smoothie, muffin, coffee. –
S: Greek yogurt. -3
L: Turkey sandwich, celery w/ hummus, banana. -7
S: Apple, cheese stick. -2
D: ????


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