Gym Clothes Review

Ok, so I’m really picky about gym clothes. I want them cheap, I want them cute, and I want them comfortable. Must meet all three requirements. I hate, let me repeat HATE, going to the gym in old ratty t-shirts. Faded pants. Whatever you have it. Hate it. This is not to say I haven’t worn those items to the gym, but I feel awful. And isn’t the biggest and hardest part of working out finding the motivation to do it? Why would I be motivated to put that crap on!?

So, I made it my mission when I decided to recommit to my weight loss that I needed to find decent work out clothes. But again, they MUST meet the tripe C requirements: Cheap, Cute, Comfortable. That’s when I took the advise of my fellow weight watcher ladies and headed to Old Navy to find just the thing. And I did!

I have some workout clothes from Old Navy already. And for the most part I used to love them. But since I’ve gained weight I am not such a fan of them. I have several pairs of their fold over style of yoga pants. And since I’ve packed on a few pounds they are more a “fold under” style at the moment. Totally bulky and uncomfortable. So I tried their compression line of workout clothes. The best part, Old Navy’s website sells their pants, even their Active line, in talls. This is much needed for a girl of my height. So I bought myself 5 pairs of pants. With matching tops. And sports bras. (What?! Don’t judge me.) And the best part, everything on the website was one sale!

When they finally arrived I was so stinkin’ excited. So cute. I love how the pants are tighter and stop the jiggle. And my shirts are flowy but not too loose. The sports bras, perfect amount of support for the workouts I’m doing, however, I would not recommend these bad boys for running or Zumba. And even better yet, they are comfortable. I feel confident in them.

My only complaint, which I’ve since figured out, is that when I first put them on I could not make them stay up. For the life of me they kept falling down. I don’t think I had them up far enough. Since that day I haven’t started to pull them up higher, like old lady style around my belly button (maybe the torso is longer because they’re talls? I don’t know.). I’ve also stopped wearing undies with them. Yeah, sorry, TMI there. But I found that the biggest issue was it was my UNDIES falling down and bringing the pants with them. So, undies had to go.

Overall, totally in love with these bad boys. They meet my Triple C requirements. I feel good in them. And I actually look forward to putting them on. Which is the biggest part of working out. For me at least.


The opinions expressed in this blog post are 100% mine. I was not contacted or paid by Old Navy to review their products. I received nothing in exchange for my review. I just really like them that much.


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