Am I ready for that much committment?

Oh my house.

How I wish it would sell. That would take so much stress away from me. Trying to figure out the logistics of moving in with Mr. Chocolate, its just craziness.

We’re going to be setting up a joint account to pay for household needs – bills, groceries, repairs. But at the moment I still have my regular mortgage payment & bills at my house. And in 3 months I’ll have my student loans come do.
My house is currently on the market to be sold. I’ve talked to my realtor about lowering the price, changing the description, and setting up a realtor open house to get some foot traffic in there. Her contract expires in just a couple weeks; maybe a month. I feel horrible that if after a couple weeks of that realtor open house if there is still no interest, I do believe I’m going to pull it from her & sign with a different realtor.

I spoke with Mr. Chocolate about this. I had mentioned just renting it if it hasn’t sold (or at least under contract) by the time my student loans come due. Give me some money. Take the load off my bills. He told me to keep it on the market. I kept trying to explain to him that if my house stays on the market then I cannot contribute towards the house hold fund. That I’d be lucky to pay ANYTHING at all towards the house. He, again, told me to keep my house on the market. That if I really wanted to be out from under my house then I need to keep it on the market. And his words – “I will help support you. Don’t worry about putting money towards the house until your house sells.”
Wait. What? You’ll support me?

1) I don’t know that I’m ok with this. I know that sounds dumb. I should be ok with this. If we’re really going to make a life together, I should be ok with this. But it scares me more than anything. What if it takes MONTHS for my house to sell? What if 6 months from now its still on the market?

2) I don’t know that I’m ready for that much commitment. Again, I know it sounds dumb. But that’s a huge deal. A massive deal for him to offer. And for me to accept. Am I ok with that? I’d be able to pay my own bills. But I couldn’t pay anything towards the house. I can keep it clean and coupon to save my life. But that will be about it. I can’t do much else if I don’t have any extra money. And that scares me. What if he gets tired of paying for everything? How long will that take?

Ugh. Relationships make my head hurt.


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