Pantry Clean-Out

So for some reason money is tight this month. Very tight.

I’ve decided to do a pantry clean-out to help save some money. 

Typically, the arrangement between Mr. Chocolate & myself is that I buy groceries and he pays when we get take-out or go out to eat. This month, because of tight funds, he will be paying for groceries for the rest of the month. But to help cut down on the amount of groceries we need, I’m planning to do a pantry clean-out. 

I’m hoping that we can get through the rest of the month with very little trips to the grocery store. We will need the basics for breakfasts & lunches. We’ll need things to make side dishes for dinners. Hopefully, though, our dinners will be taken care of with what we already have stashed away in the pantry. By just having that out of the way we’ll cut down on food costs big time.

On the menu for the rest of the month are things such as:

Crock Pot Beef Stroganoff  (tonight)
Crock pot Chicken & Dumplings
Pintos & Fried Potatoes 
Crock pot Salsa Chicken 
Tacos with beans & rice
Cube Steak 

All of the items listed above we already have stuff to make them. Like I said, dinners are covered as far as pantry eating. We will have to go shopping for some veggies, bread, or some other small things to go along with some of these meals.

For the things that we do have to purchase I plan on using coupons when possible. I’ve been trying to coupon shop as much as possible, and I’ve been doing fairly well with it.

So this month will be an experiment in how well I can cook on a tight budget. And function on a super tight budget. And cook HEALTHY at that!

Who knows, maybe if this goes well I’ll try to do a big pantry clean-out a couple times a year.

I can do this.

What are some ways you try to save money in the kitchen?
Is a pantry clean-out a regular thing in your household?


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