Products I Love: Bear Creek Soups

I like soup. Well, some soups. I like thick, flavorful soups. I’m not so much on chicken noodle and what not. Blah. Boring.

I also like making soup. But it can be time consuming and really, can be expensive.

And then I found these bad boys. I’ve passed them over in the grocery isle so many times it’s unreal. “Bagged soups?? WTF. I don’t want soup out of a bag!”

That being said, I agreed with Mr. Chocolate that we needed to save money & eat at home more. And sometimes even have cheap boring dinners, like soup & sandwiches – his idea. But I can cook a good meal for cheap! I whined. I complained. I argued. I informed him soup & sandwiches is not an every night thing. No no no. (Mind you, he first said “We’re going to eat peanut butter sandwiches from now on!” Uh… you’re cute.) We settled on grilled cheese & some soup.

Compromise. (I’m learning to hate that word.)

Anyway! Back to my soup! My super, duper easy. Creamy. Hearty. Soup.

I didn’t make it. Well. Ok, I did cook it. I added the water, whisked it, and then watched it simmer while occasionally stirring. Yep. That’s it! Yes folks, you read that right, That.Is.It.

What is this miracle soup you ask?? That made so much I had some, Mr. Chocolate had 2 bowls, and we STILL have leftovers!

0076026300016_500X500Bear Creek Soups. We had the one pictured above, Creamy Potato.

The chunks of potato are pretty small for my liking, but it only takes 15 minutes to cook, so I wasn’t expecting large chunks. The flavor was really good. The directions say to salt & pepper to your liking, which I added both to the pot. I also added some cheese to my soup when I had it in my bowl. Mr. Chocolate added hot sauce to his – he adds hot sauce to more stuff than I do.

We still have a pack of Broccoli Cheddar sitting in the cabinet & looking at their website there are many more I’d like to try.

This paired with some oven grilled cheese sandwiches was an easy & cheap dinner. I know we’ll be having it again soon.

All opinions are just that, my opinions. Bear Creek did not contact me to write a review or pay me for my thoughts.


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