Let’s Talk About: Red Meat

Why is this stuff so controversial?

The health risks. The benefits. The way it’s raised and then later slaughtered. Is it humane? Is it cruel and awful?

So many if’s, and’s, or but’s involved in something as simply and primal as, well, beef!

I don’t really have that big of an opinion on the stuff. But goodness others seem to! All it takes is a simple Google search and there are tons of different websites telling you why they think you should or should not eat the stuff. And the conflicting information! Holy goodness, it’s everywhere. Meat causes cancer! No, it’s over cooking it, and therefore burning the outside that causes cancer. Meat is high in cholesterol! Yeah, well, it’s also high in protein, iron, and B12 (a nutrient, that unless otherwise supplemented, you can not get from a plant based diet).

So I’m not here to sway your decision on eating meat versus not eating meat. I feel that’s a very personal decision that you need to make for yourself.

As for me, my decision is to eat the stuff!! In moderation, which when you’re living with a beef cattle farmer that’s hard to do. I also try to limit the amount of store bought beef I consume. For one, it’s expensive. Two, after doing some research on it even store bought meat contains the dreaded “pink slime”. And three, have you had farm raised beef? If not, you should. Just sayin’.

I try not to make more than one meal a week that contains red meat. We may have leftovers from that meal. But if it were up to Mr. Chocolate we’d eat it every.single.day. I try to use turkey, chicken, or seafood for the other meals. And as our budget allows we also buy these other meats as farm raised as we can.

Am I a organic pushing, won’t eat it otherwise type of girl? Nope. I’m a what’s on sale & I can afford kind of girl. But I’m also a I love my freezer(!!!) kind of girl. Buy what’s on sale. Portion it out. Freeze it.

Like I said. Eat whatever makes you happy. Don’t eat what doesn’t make you happy. It’s your belly. Your life. Enjoy every bite of it.


2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About: Red Meat

  1. Everyone on the internet has an opinion about everything. I struggle with eating red meat, or meat in general from an ethical aspect. I love animals. I spend too much time watching documentaries and feeling bad for the way livestock is treated. I’m with you in that if it’s on sale I’m most likely going to buy it and then proceed to eat it. I’m allergic to fish so that limits the lean meats that I can eat and you probably well know…. you can only make chicken so many different ways.

    I thought about going vegetarian but the sad fact is… I love me a good hamburger.

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