Day 1 Temptations

First, let me just say that I’ve been craving some soup like it’s my job.

And they always say soup can help with a diet. If you eat the broth based crap.

Yeah, I said it. Crap.

I want creamy, warm, rich. It’s hard to get that on plan.

So yesterday I settled for a can of Progresso Light Italian Style Meatball soup. Hearty. I’ll settle for hearty if I can’t have creamy. Besides, I had to compromise. I knew dinner was going to be amazing on so many levels.

And it was.

Why? You ask.

Because we went to this local joint called Hannifans. Irish name. Great BBQ. And the Pig Poppers. They’re the only reason I go. Let me just give you the description of these bad boys, straight from the menu: Fresh jalapenos, halved, then stuffed with pulled pork and a cheese blend, wrapped in bacon, and slow smoked to perfection.

For a better idea, if that description wasn’t enough for you, here’s a lovely picture.

hannifan-s-bbq-and-grillOh yeah. Those bad boys.

Talk about Temp.Ta.TIONS!

And oh so amazingly yummy. I could eat the whole thing of them.

Instead, I ate 2. That was it. I did have some BBQ nachos. Then I had a small portion of baked beans, green beans, & pulled pork for dinner. I didn’t even eat all of my baked beans.

I hope I over calculated my dinner. I used some of my WPs, which doesn’t make me happy since it was day 1 of this. But it’s ok. That’s why I have the WPs.

Overall, I’m pretty proud of my Day 1. I feel like I did good. I made smarter choices.

Day 2 is going pretty good also. Hopefully I can keep at it.


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