FDA is now Requiring Calorie Counts at Restaurants

And on top of that, other nutritional information has to be made available, in writing, upon request.

How awesome is this?

I know some people will disagree. I saw someone on the Weight Watchers’ board say that it’s only helpful if you understand calories – and I agree with that thought. You do have to have an understanding that most people should eat between 2000-2500 calories a day. And that for most people, eating a 1000 calorie meal at a place is not a smart idea.

That being said, most people don’t go out to eat every meal of the day. It’s usually a treat. Something that’s planned for. Does that mean they should eat 1000 calories in 1 sitting? Probably not. At the same time, seeing that number may change someone’s mind about having that same meal.

Or think about the person who is just starting to get healthier. They might be ordering that salad because “salads are healthy”. But in reality, salads can be just as calorie heavy as that burger. For those of us who are already trying to get healthy and eat better, seeing those calories and having the ability to have access to the rest of the nutritional information, is going to be huge.

I may not chose the “healthy” meal when I go out to eat. The lowest calorie option on the menu. But chances are that’s because I’ve planned for it. But it’s going to make those unplanned dinners out so much easier.


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