Why can Lane Bryant charge more for their clothes??

Is there a “fat tax” out there for those of us who have to buy larger clothing?

A blog I follow says yes, and it’s unfair to those of us who have to buy larger sizes.

I know places like Lane Bryant charge more for their merchandise, I also know that stores will add an extra $1-2 once you go past a size XL. But why is this? Is it truly because it costs that much more to manufacture these items? Why isn’t there an upcharge between the XS to the XL?

Anyway, that’s besides the point.

My point is that Lane Bryant charges more. A lot more. Compared to some other stores that offer plus sized clothing, such as Old Navy.

A pair of boot-cut jeans at Old Navy is $44.94. A pair of book-cut jeans a Lane Bryant is $69.95. A knit told at Old Navy runs between $15-30 while at Lane Bryant the tops start at $30.

Is this fair? What makes Lane Bryant so much better than Old Navy? Why can they charge more?

For one, Lane Bryant is a specialty store. Number two, Lane Bryant is also appealing to a totally different clientele. Thirdly, Lane Bryant’s clothes, in my opinion, are a much better quality.

When I’ve bought jeans from Old Navy they stretch out. They never fit the same way twice. One pair will fit perfect the next pair I pick up – even if its the same size, style, cut – will fit completely different. I can’t just walk into Old Navy, pick up a pair of jeans, and walk out. I have to try on every.single.pair. And I can’t wear them more than once or twice without washing them. There is so much stretch that my butt starts to look saggy. The stomach is tight. And the thigh area is totally baggy. Over time thigh rub happens and the material starts to get thin. NOT ATTRACTIVE!

On the same hand, that same pair of jeans from Lane Bryant fit me perfect. They are made for a curvy girl. They don’t sag and bag. I can wear them more than once. And most importantly, I don’t get the dreaded thigh rub.

So yes, while I may pay more for my jeans from Lane Bryant, I can wear them for twice as long for the jeans from Old Navy. Essentially saving me money.

This being said, do I shop at one of these stores over the other? Nope.

I buy my essential pieces at Lane Bryant. The pieces I’m going to invest in. The pieces I need to hold up well and look good. And I get my fashionable pieces at Old Navy. The pieces that I’m going to change out season-to-season. The funky pieces I don’t want to invest too much money in.

So yes, Lane Bryant can charge more for their clothes than other stores. They are a specialty store. And they make quality clothing for those of us ladies who are of larger size.


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