Eating Clean

I’ve heard about it. I know some people who follow Weight Watchers, or any other diet plan out there, eat clean.

Basically, from what I can figure out, it’s more about eating real food and less processed. I googled, I found many different clean eating diets. But all seemed to say the same thing. More water, less junk drinks. More fruits/vegetables, less processed crap.

Easy enough.

But from hearing people talk about it on the Weight Watchers message boards and some Facebook groups I’m in there seem to be several different levels of this whole clean eating thing.

Personally, I feel like I eat semi-clean. And from what I can tell, it counts!

I still use my fake sugar in my coffee. Sometimes I bake with it, but not very often, I get some funky results with Splenda – even if they claim it’s for baking. I do still used canned or frozen fruits and vegetables. We do have side dishes, usually rice, that is a blend that comes with seasoning packets instead of making it on my own. I rely on jarred pasta sauce instead of making my own.

That being said, I also pack my lunch daily. I cook dinner most nights – sometimes we’ll go out to eat, or eat with Mr. Chocolate’s parents – but rarely do we have a frozen meal for dinner. Rarely! We do eat flavored oatmeal and pre-made granola bars.

I say, overall, Mr. Chocolate and myself tend to eat semi-clean. We are more aware than we used to be about what is going into our bodies. But we also indulge in some pre-made goodness. I don’t see the day that I will ever be a perfect Little Miss Susie Homemaker. I’ll never be the one who makes everything from scratch. But until then, I do make quite a few yummy meals that happen to be homemade.

And besides, the way I see it, even if we still eat some of the processed foods we’re still doing way better than we could be.


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