Mr. Chocolate

Poor thing. He’s got this lovely stomach bug. And since he’s come down with I’ve got everything on my body that I can cross, crossed. I don’t want that business! I went at lunch today and got him some more Gatorade. Hopefully that mess will be out of my house soon.

But that’s not why I’m “Poor thing”-ing him. Apparently the other weekend he & his mom had a chit chat. And she told him he needs to lose weight. I get where she’s coming from, and I agree with her. If he would lose weight it would make his joints feel better – which are already crap from years of football. His back pain might start getting better. Overall he would feel better.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Mr. Chocolate just how he is. I like a bigger, “fluffy” man. But he has gained some weight here recently. That being said, so have I – also to an unhealthy point. I am still attracted to him. But I do agree with his mother.

Mr. Chocolate will eat what I pack in his lunch. He will eat what I cook for dinner. But I can’t control what he eats. Or how much. He’s a grown man & makes his own decisions on that.

That doesn’t stop me from worrying. I want him around for many more years. I want him healthy. But I don’t know how to discuss that topic with him. When I tell him about me needing to lose weight he tells me I’m beautiful. That I look wonderful. But I’m not just doing this for my vanity. I’m also doing this for my health. I want to make him see the healthy side also.

Hopefully my healthy cooking, snacks, and packed lunches will help. As I really have no idea how to approach this topic tactfully.


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