Book Review: “It Was Me All Along: A Memoir” by Andie Mitchell

It Was Me All Along: A Memior  -  Andie Mitchell

It Was Me All Along: A Memoir – Andie Mitchell

First off, I love this girl. Her blog, Can You Stay For Dinner, is amazing. I’ve found inspiration and wonderful recipes here often. She’s real. She’s open. She’s honest. And after all that, I think my favorite part of it all is she is like me. She is a 20-something year old woman who has struggled with this journey her entire life. It didn’t just happen because of a medical condition. It was what she knew from day 1.

I think that was probably my favorite part about this book. It felt real. And it felt like I could have written most of it.

This book made me feel normal. As normal as growing up knowing food as your friend your best friend. can be. As normal as coping with food for every emotion. When life gets too hard you want to hide away and eat. Or as she said, “And eat. And cry. And eat. And cry.” I’ve felt that before.

I’ve had the same thoughts, after I had lost my weight, about obsessing over everything I put in my mouth. Would I gain the weight back? I can’t eat there, they have nothing for me. And the same thought of “If it’s this much work, I’d rather be fat.” (Not going to lie, it was too much work, and I am now “fat”. Working on that – the right way.)

This book was easy for me to sit down & come back to later. Mainly because it was just too real. If I read too much at once I felt I might just sit there and cry. But I enjoyed every single second I was reading it.

I don’t want to talk too much about what happens in this book. You just need to read it.

That being said, I debated between what to rate. 4.5? 5? I couldn’t decide. My deciding factor, and I know I’ve stated this many times before, but was how real it was. How it made me feel normal & not alone. Not the person with the messed up relationship with food. It made me feel ok.

The Amazing 5 Star Rating!

The Amazing 5 Star Rating!

All opinions expressed are 100% mine. No one contacted me asking me to read or review this book. These are my own thoughts & feelings towards it. In no way was I compensated for this review.


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