Mindful Eating

I have been so tired of tracking here recently.

Tracking. Tracking. Tracking.

I feel like it’s all I do.

Research what I’m eating. How much I’m eating. Write it down. Once I get to internet, track it.


That being said, here recently I’ve basically boycotted tracking. Which is bad, since Weight Watchers bases so much on tracking your food. I’m paying for a service that helps me figure out how much I should be eating and TRACKING it. Yeah… about that.

I’m still paying. But I’m not tracking. I basically have a fancy weight tracker. Because that is one thing I keep updating. My weight. And while it goes up and down, overall, it’s going down.

And for me. That’s good enough.

So I’m trying to pay more attention to how much I’m eating and less attention to the stress induced by tracking what I’m eating. And so far, overall, that’s working for me.

The scale was up one week. Down the next. And the week the scale decided to go down, it went down more than it went up. So overall, as of last Thursday morning, my total weight loss for the year is 6.6 pounds.

That’s not a lot. I know. But I’m ok with that. Weight Watchers, while they focus on tracking and eating healthy, they also want to set realistic goals. They advise that you should lose between .5-2 pounds per week. And if you figure it out, I’m right within that range.

So, I may not be tracking. But I’m losing. And I’m gaining the knowledge on how to eat MINDFULLY. And to me, that’s the most important part of this entire journey.

Because let’s be honest, who wants to track forever?


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