First off, I’m sorry I’ve been gone for so long. Almost 2 months, and that, my friends, in unacceptable.

As far as my diet, my feelings towards haven’t changed much since my last post. I hate tracking. I hate fretting over my food intake. I hate stressing over it all. And so I decided something for myself.

I’m not going to do it any more.

And you want to know what happened when I decided this? I got happier. Yep, you read that right! Being fat, eating what makes me happy, not stressing over my food. I’m happier.

I am being reasonable here. I’m not having a giant breakfast of bacon & eggs. Adding some BBQ and cole slaw for lunch. And then topping it all off with a three course dinner. No. I’m eating a sensible breakfast and lunch. I’m allowing snacks through the day. And I’m not worrying about dinner. I’m eating what makes me happy. I’m balancing it all out. And I have plans to start working out again. Maybe once or twice a week. (I am paying for that gym membership afterall.) But again with that, I’m not going to stress to workout every day. I’m not going to follow a routine. I’m going to go in, do what makes me happy, and go home. I’m not going to stress if I’m burning enough calories. Did I do enough? Am I ready to go up to the next weight level on that?

Who cares!

Because you want to know what else I realized in the past couple of months?

Mr. Chocolate still finds me attractive. Women have curves. Life is more important than worrying about food.


Time to live.

So, just so you are aware, this blog is going to be taking a different approach on things. I’ll still post recipes. But I don’t promise that they will be healthy. Or low calorie. Or low fat. They will be what I WANT to eat. And I’m going to post more about LIFE. Because life is what is important.


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