I really don’t care what YOU think

11329815_10153887825268508_1507959335175606605_nI care about what I think. And how I feel about the way I look. I even care some about how Mr. Chocolate feels I look. (But being the smart good man that he is, he tells me I look beautiful. But I don’t care about what YOU think of my body. Because it’s my body.

I do wish my body looked different. But that’s ok, I’m working on that. And the best way for me to accomplish changing my body is to LOVE my body.

But loving your body when you don’t like the way your body looks is hard work. Seriously. It takes a lot of encouraging words. A lot of work. And sometimes, that’s not enough. Sometimes you just don’t love your body.

I have to focus on the amazing things my body can do. I can exercise. My body can carry me on miles long walks with friends where I get to catch up and have fun. My body can do things my brain told me I couldn’t do. Like jog.

My body can act as a bed for my furbabies. It can hold them and love them.

My body fits perfectly next to Mr. Chocolate’s. It’s like they were made for each other. He’s big and strong and I fit perfectly in the little nook when we got to bed. (Sorry mom)

My body can create and interact.

My body can do a lot of things besides just being something people can look at. And for that, I love it and will continue to love it. So it’s time I act like I love my body and start treating it right.


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