#TBT: Menu Planning


I’ve talked about this before, but in honor of Throwback Thursday, I thought I’d talk about it again!!

Planning is probably the #1 thing that keeps me on track with my dieting. On top of that, I’m trying to save money. Ugh. Easier said than done.

Each week I sit down & I try to plan out a menu for the week. Some weeks are easier than others. And I attempt ask Mr. Chocolate his opinion on dinners, lunches, breakfasts. All the good things I have to shop for each week. What do I get in return??

“I don’t care.”

UGH!! YES YOU DO!! You have an opinion of what we eat for dinner. You have an opinion of what you eat for lunch. Sorry.. I digress. Back to the topic at hand,

When I’m menu planning I like to check out what’s on sale. I try to find “like” items to cook so I don’t end up with lots of waste. I try to factor in lunches also, can I make enough of this to pack for lunch? Or do I need to make sure we have enough lunch meat on hand for the week?? Like this week, we’re having pizza again. I want to put spinach on mine but no where else in my Β menu plan does spinach fit. So most likely, no spinach. And that’s ok.

I also like to factor in cooking for friends. I love to entertain and have people over. They cost more in my budget. πŸ™‚

So far this week, this is what we’re looking at:

Saturday – Wedding/Out
Sunday – Open
Monday – Pizza, with salad
Tuesday – Breakfast for dinner
Wednesday – Peanut chicken w/ veggies & noodles
Thursday – Brats, corn, cobbler
Friday – Hamburgers (pineapple & pepperjack cheese, corn

Breakfasts – breakfast English muffins

Lunches – sandwiches, cottage cheese, fruit

Kroger currently has brats & buns on sale. We alrady have the stuff for pizzas, minus needed more crusts & possibly a little more sauce. We have everything to make the peanut sauce for the chicken. We have everything for breakfast night.

I also make a list! My list keeps me from wandering around the grocery store like a crazy person. And it keeps me from buying stuff I don’t need. If it’s not on the list, I don’t get it. I love list making.

I try to also set up my days with meals so I know what we’re eating each day. Not only does that help me meal plan, but it helps me stay on program. If I know what my week looks like then I know where I have time to workout. I know when I’ll have heavier meals vs. lighter ones. I know the days that I can go out to lunch & not blow my diet.

Menu planning. Oh how I love you…


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