Things are changing!



That’s all I can say about where my life is right now.

I have made a point not to talk much about my job siutation. I don’t want to get too personal in that aspect. I don’t want people to think I’m downing my current employer. I’m not.

That being said, I have accepted a new position with a new company. And I can’t wait to start.

My last day at my current position will be on July 24. I will then take a week off and start my new job on August 3.

I am so thrilled. I feel like this is an extremely good move for me both personally and professionaly. I am moving into a company that wants to see their employees grow and succeed. They encourage personal and professional growth. This company offers a huge benefits package including paid vacation & sick time, paid health insurance (as long as you have a yearly wellness check) and paid dental insurance. They also offer a 401k matching program. On top of that, they offer bonuses based on how both the company performs and how you, as an employee, perform.

So pumped.

I think this will also be a huge benefit in my personal life as well. I have felt very stuck in a rut. Especially since I graduated. I have not felt like I’ve been utilized to my full potential and I can’t wait to start putting my new degree to use.

This weekend, I go wardrobe shopping. I’m afraid of that. I haven’t been doing well on my WLJ, I think partly because I feel very stuck in a rut. I’m afraid of what shopping is going to show me. Other than horrible dressing room lighting makes everyone look bad. But my goal for Saturday, dress the body I have. Make it look gorgeous. And then go from there.


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