Seriously y’all, best advice I’ve ever been told.

And sometimes, it’s really hard advice to follow.

I don’t want to admit that my body has gotten to where it is. I don’t want to admit that I need size 20 dress bottoms. I don’t want to look at size XXL shirts. I want the cute size 7/8 and medium that I was when I met Mr. Chocolate. But, that’s not the body I have.

The body I have is bigger. It has more different curves. It is softer. And rounder. It doesn’t have much of a waist and it has giant boobs. Ugh. Both of those aspects make clothes shopping difficult. This body doesn’t like form fitting clothes. It doesn’t mind bright colors or patterns. But it doesn’t like tight.

My old body didn’t mind form fitting or tight. But it also wasn’t as fond of the bright colors and patterns. My old body still wanted to hide in the shadows.

Body Shapes Sketch for blogWhat I learned this weekend while shopping is that colors are great. Crop pants are fun. And shopping sucks.

I’ve also decided that I’m fairly rectangle shaped now. Maybe some apple thrown in for good measure. No waste. Big boobs. Big thighs. I decided that more fitting on the bottom with a little more flowy on top works for me. But I do also love a maxi skirt, and that’s when you pair it with a nice, more fitted, top.

But most importantly, I realized I can’t wear the size I think I am and still look good. I have to wear the size that actually looks good. And you know what, I got some super cute outfits. And I’m going to look downright adorable.

And my friends, THAT is what is important.


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