Happy FriendsGiving!!


What do you do when you aren’t able to spend Thanksgiving with your family??

Why, you host a FRIENDSGIVING!!

Apparently it’s the new “it thing” to do. Who cares if its a fad. If it won’t be a thing next year. What matters is that I feel like today I was able to make some people’s Thanksgiving, including my own, just a little bit better and brighter.

Let’s start with the back story. Before Mr. Chocolate and I went our separate ways I had planned on staying in town with his family for Thanksgiving. My mom and step-dad were leaving to go out of town early on Friday morning, I hate Thanksgiving traffic, my dad’s family doesn’t celebrate until Sunday. I didn’t want to fight the traffic to go home for one day. My mom tried to make it happen. I was stubborn.

So they changed their plans to leave on Thursday instead of Friday. I don’t blame them. Long drive. Smart thinking there Ma. ANYWAY! After the split, plans were offered to be changed. I was still stubborn. I still hate driving in all that traffic. It’s awful. Horrible. Ick. (Hey Ma, what do you say next year you come here??)

All of my stubbornness meant that I was going to be alone on turkey day. Which isn’t so bad, until you realize it’s the first BIG holiday in the holiday season. Then it becomes kind of depressing. It becomes more depressing when you realize that just a couple weeks ago I should have been celebrating 3 major milestones with Mr. Chocolate – our anniversary, my 29th birthday, and our 1 year of living together. Thanksgiving was starting to sound super depressing.

So what does a get it done (sometimes with a little coaxing from others) kind of girl do when life is throwing lemons at her? (Ok, maybe I threw them at myself, whatever. This is my story, and I’m sticking with life was doing the throwing.)

I digress. So, what does a get it done kind of girl do in this type of situation?? She gets shit done! She talks to her coworkers who aren’t able to spend Thanksgiving with their families, she makes plans, cleans house, and cooks her happy little curvy ass off.

She makes a turkey (yes, you read that right, I made a turkey!). And mashed potatoes. She bakes a cake. And decorates a tree. Sets a table. She makes it feel like a home, minus all those blasted boxes.

We had friendsgiving. It was beautiful. It was short, sweet, and to the point. But more than that, it was nice to spend the afternoon with people who otherwise would have spent today like any other day. We came together like family. We ate, we played with a babe, we shared stories. It felt nice.

It was nice.

And then when my friendsgiving was over, I packed up my cake and took it to The Yikes and my boys. We had cake. Cake is good. I continued my friendsgiving just a little bit longer.

Friendsgiving. It’s awesome. It’s not the same as family. But sometimes, friends are pretty awesome stand-in family.



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