What To Do When You’re Single

I’ve been debating about writing this post for a while now. Obviously, since I haven’t posted since Valentine’s Day! What is wrong with me??

But back to the point. Being single has its perks. I’m slowly learning what those perks are. Its been hard, its been easy, its been a roller coaster of awesomeness & sadness all at once. I’ve learned that I’m much stronger than I ever thought I was. I’ve faced my ex and his new wife (yep, you read that right, wife). I was polite. I found closure. I moved on. Not necessarily in that order, but it happened.

Getting to the point where I am able to face these situations has been one of the best journeys of my life. I’ve traveled. I’ve explored my town and new places. I’ve learned to be alone, I’ve been scared to be alone. I’ve grown apart from some friends and closer with others. I’ve been happy and I’ve been sad. Its been amazing.

Since I really didn’t have any idea how to handle this roller coaster of life, I decided to make a guide. You know, in case I’m ever in this situation again. Or in case someone else is in this situation.

1) Veg Out – yep, wallow. Cry. Don’t get out of your PJ’s for a couple days and eat all the ice cream. Drink all the wine. Scarf down all the pizza. Binge watch Grey’s Anatomy. You deserve it. If you did the dumping, or if you got dumped, either way it sucks. Its awful and painful. Give yourself some time to grieve your relationship.

2) Lean on your Girlfriends – Vent to your friends. Get out of the house with friends. Rely on your friends. You’re single now, your friends are your family. Your friends are who you have there for you, to support you and get you through the hard times. To celebrate the good times. Keep them around. And on top of that, make some new ones. Reach out to old friends who you may not have been as close to. Find new people to fill that void, just remember them when you find a new man.

3) Find a Hobby – Seriously, what is something you always wanted to do but your significant other didn’t? I have so many things on my to do list it’s insane. Kayaking, take a cooking class, do a paint night, go to music festivals, travel, go dancing, go wine tasting. Do. It. All. I haven’t done all of these things, but I plan on it.

4) Relax – This is totally different than veg out. Relax because you can. Because you deserve some me time. Take a bubble bath, read a book while enjoying a glass of wine, go to bed early. Give yourself a mud mask or facial. Get a pedicure. Do whatever it is that relaxes you.

5) Workout – Get those endorphins up! Plus you’ll look hot for the next guy that comes around. I’m really starting to like later evening walks with my dog. The evenings are just the right temperature to take him for a nice walk. He loves it and I sleep better at night. It’s a win-win.

6) Flirt – Talk to the guy at the bar, even if you have no intention of going out with him. Ask the cute guy in the grocery store if he thinks Sweet Baby Ray’s or Bubba’s BBQ are better, then a couple isles over ditch the BBQ sauce you have no intention of using. But hey, he was cute! Just flirt. Know you still got it, because you do. Just because your ex is a jerkface loser doesn’t mean no one else can see your awesomeness.

7) Date – Oh this one is awful, I’m not going to lie. But don’t go into dating expecting you’re going to find the man you’re going to marry on your first date after your ex. You might, find your prince charming. Or you might find a frog in disguise. But either way, get out there and have fun. If nothing else you’ll walk away with some pretty awesome stories to tell.

8) Enjoy Life – its really that simple. Just have fun. Get out there and LIVE. You only have one life, and you’re not going to make new friends and meet Prince Charming by sitting on your sofa in your PJ’s bingeing on Grey’s Anatomy (trust me, I’ve tried). So go, be free, have fun.


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