Weekend Update

I’ve struggled with what to write about for a while. I don’t really have anything major going on. I’m single, I’m working like a crazy woman, and overall I’m HAPPY. Nothing too exciting there.

But that, that whole not having anything exciting going on, being completely content with my life, is totally exciting! See, it took me a long time to get here. Even when I thought I was here, I wasn’t. I was still searching for someone to fill my attention. Trying the online dating thing (which I deleted all online dating profiles, it’s a waste of time). I was asking my friends for any single friends they may have – male or female, I just need a single friend in my life. And then, I stopped caring. I still need that single friend to go out with on occasion. But ultimately, I don’t. I have great friends. I have a wonderful job. A house that is plenty to keep me busy (I should probably work on that).

I stopped focusing on what in my life needed to change and started focusing on everything I have in my life. And it has been awesome. I have felt so much more free since I stopped the online dating madness. And you know what, once I stopped trying my friends actually attempted to set me up with a guy – we’ll see how that goes. We just started talking this weekend.

My job is keeping me plenty busy, the money is definitely nice. Its giving me something to focus on. Somewhere to spend my time, even if too much of it. I do better in life when I’m busy, and Lord knows I’ve been busy at work.

I’ve started going back to church and even joined a growth group. Its awesome. Its supposed to be a single & mingle group. Sadly, its just a group of single women, ranging in age, but having a blast together. There’s no need to go out drinking, or to the bar, or partying. Last week we had dinner and played board games. And I had a blast. I can’t wait for this week. We’re having a shrimp boil.

So as “unexciting” as my life currently is. As little as I have to come here and tell you about. Its pretty awesome. Now I am going to get back to making my beefymac for dinner and wathicng some Gilmore Girls on Netflix. I know you’re jealous.


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