Seriously, I fail at dieting

I just do. I suck at it. I have gained back all the weight I lost. Plus a couple of pounds. My mindset is not in it. At least not the exercise part. It’s gross. And I get sweaty. And all I really want to do is sit on the couch and watch TV. I can totally handle the food part of this thing. For the most part. There are times where I crave chocolate, or beer, or chocolate beer. And I might have too much of one, or all, of these things.

And it doesn’t help that I absolutely love to bake. And I’m sorry, some things just aren’t as good if you use “fake” sugar, or whatever.

It also doesn’t help that Dog is coming back to us. The one I love’s cousin was going to take him. After one day he decided he didn’t have enough time to give to dog, or the money. So now he’s returning to us & we’re continuing the search to find him a forever home. A girl from work & her beau are coming over tomorrow night to meet Dog. It’s seriously going to break my heart to give him to them. I know it would probably be good, and I’ll still get regular pictures of him, because, yes, this is a requirement! But knowing I won’t get to see him is going to kill me. Thinking about it makes me want to cry. I can’t even imagine what will happen when it’s time for someone to come pick him up. I will sit and cry. And possibly curl up with his blanket. And drink lots of wine. Oh yes, I feel this is what will happen.

Meet Dog.

Meet Dog.

Thankfully, I have date night with the bestie this weekend. And my job is to supply dessert. I can so totally handle that. The way I’ve been feeling all I want to do is bake. So it’ll be good for me to have that time with her & be able to bake my little heart out.

I’m also hardcore stressing over my class tonight. Last night I had a midterm in my Religion class. Tonight I have my Econ final, a presentation, and have to turn in my final paper. Seriously. Stressing. My paper is completed. I just have to print it out. My presentation is pretty much done, I have to figure out my speaking part, but I’ll basically just take all of it from my paper. And my exam, well, pray for me.

But on a positive WLJ note, I did a 5k this weekend! Not just any 5k, I did the Dirty Girl Mud Run! It took us roughly an hour, and we had a blast doing. But were insanely sore the following few days. Climbed under things, through the mud, over things, in things. I want to do it again so bad. And this might be gross, but I still have dirt under my toe nails!




I’m Slacking.

Wow. March 25th was my last post? Seriously, this is not good.

I really need to keep up with this more. Even if I just post on my lunch break. I’ve been staying with the one I love pretty often now, so evening posts are out of the question. But I can totally tell that I do much better at staying on plan when I keep this up to date. Is that sad? A blog helps keep me accountable? Very sad if you ask me.


Not a lot has been going on. Doing the whole school thing. I have 1 more class left in my marketing course, then I’m off to accounting. That means lots of paper writing this weekend. I need to form a plan so I don’t order lots of pizza while writing my paper.

We got hit with a freak snow storm yesterday. They were calling for rain. Maybe an inch of rain throughout the day. Yeah, that turned into about 6 inches of snow. Thank goodness it wasn’t light & fluffy snow! It was a heavy wet snow. Had it been nice & fluffy it would have been way worse. There were wrecks everywhere. No one was prepared for this. It took some people hours to get home when normally it takes 30 minutes. I lucked out & made it to the one I love’s house in about 45 minutes. It normally takes me about 20. I drove slow like a little old lady, but I didn’t care. None of the roads had been scraped. Nothing had been pre-treated. His driveway was so bad at times I couldn’t tell if I was in the driveway or in the field. It was awful.


But on to the WW side of things. I pretty much took last week off. I did gain. And over the past 2 weeks I’ve gained back 2 pounds. I am ok with this. The first .2 pound took me by surprise, but I accepted it & moved on. The 1.8lb gain this week was completely expected & I was ok with it. But now I’m back on track & doing good. I’ve stayed on plan the past 2 days.

I haven’t been working out. But tomorrow will have the jump start I need there – my first of 2 5ks I’m doing this month. I also have The Firm Heather gave me, I need to start doing that. Or something. I still haven’t ordered a HRM. Maybe I’ll go ahead & order myself one of those & start The Firm. I think this upcoming week I’m going to focus on things I know how to do & know I can fit in. Like my WATP DVDs. With having my final project due in marketing I want to stick with something I’m familar with for now. Then move on from there.


Today’s Plan of Attack:

B: Greek yogurt & coffee. -3
S: Banana. -0
L: Ham sandwich & SF pudding cup. -7
S: SF jello. -0
S: Orange. -0
D: Taco Salad, chips & salsa. -22

This menu leaves me with 3 points left over. That will allow for any extra chips, or if I would like a snack when I get home from date night with the bestie.

Daylight Savings = EVIL!

Seriously. Didn’t sleep for beans. At all. It was awful.

I tossed & turned, paranoid I was going to over sleep & be late for work. I would wake up & look at the clock constantly. It was awful.

I hate Spring Forward. With a passion!


That being said.

This weekend was overall pretty good.

I totally avoided my homework, which wasn’t pretty good. Lots to do tonight & tomorrow. Go self!

But that’s ok. I had a good time.

Dinner & movie Friday night w/ the bestie. Dinner Saturday night with the one I love, the step brother & his GF. And lunch Sunday w/ the family. Wonderful weekend.

Except that things with the one I love seemed tense all weekend long. Just weird. He was cranky. I was snippy. We were totally off. He stayed over last night & I think it was the best thing for us. It let us get back to where we needed to be. Back to our happy place.


Today’s Plan of Attack:

B: waffle w/ 1T pb, banana, coffee. -4
S: greek yogurt. -2
L: tuna salad sandwich, SF pudding, 2 small mandarin oranges. -8
S: veggie w/ hummus. -2
D: ??? possibly corndogs & sweet potato fries or dinner w/ the one I love’s parents.
A: WATP – 30min


Weekly Menu:

B: Waffle w/ PB, Banana, Coffee. -4
S: Greek Yogurt. -2
L: Tuna salad sandwich, 2 Mandarins, SF pudding. -8
S: Veggies w/ Hummus. -2
D:  Corndogs, broccoli, & sweet potato fries (16) or dinner w/ the one I love’s parents

B: Waffle w/ PB, Banana, Coffee. -4
S: Greek Yogurt. -2
L: Tuna salad sandwich, 2 Mandarins, SF pudding. -8
S: Veggies w/ Hummus. -2
D: Salsa chicken w/ rice. -9
A: Kickboxing

B: Waffle w/ PB, Banana, Coffee. -4
S: Greek Yogurt. -2
L: Tuna salad sandwich, 2 Mandarins, SF pudding. -8
S: Veggies w/ Hummus. -2
D: Salsa chicken w/ rice. -9
S: Snickers. -7
A: Rest (School)

B: Waffle w/ PB, Banana, Coffee. -4
S: Greek Yogurt. -2
L: Tuna salad sandwich, 2 Mandarins, SF pudding. -8
S: Veggies w/ Hummus. -2
D: Omelet, toast w/ strawberry jam. -12

B: Waffle w/ PB, Banana, Coffee. -4
S: Greek Yogurt. -2
L: Tuna salad sandwich, 2 Mandarins, SF pudding. -8
S: Veggies w/ Hummus. -2

Weekend Recap

Weekend wasn’t bad. I stayed on plan for most of it. I had some splurges, but I made the best of them!

Friday night was date night with the bestie. Pizza & crappy TV & doing nails. What could be better?? I planned for 3 pieces of pizza & I stuck to it. We also made these banana s’mores I saw on Pinterest, they were so yummy. I’ll be making them again. I think they came out to be 4pts each! I’ll post the recipe at the bottom.

Saturday I slept in a little, picked up breakfast from McDonald’s & took it to the one I love’s house. We had lunch with his parents & then he left to go work for a bit. Dinner we had make at home Chinese food. I managed to stay pretty close to my points range! I got an Egg McMuffin at McDonald’s, a hot ham & cheese sandwich w/ an apple for lunch, greek yogurt for a snack. I also figured up all the points & only went over by about 2 with dinner. 🙂

Sunday we slept in until super late. Got up & went to Waffle House. I was so proud of myself there! I got a Fiesta egg white omlette, wheat toast w/ jelly (no butter), & sliced tomatoes. Seriously! Who does that at WH?? We skipped lunch because we ate breakfast so late. Dinner was pizza – I had 3 slices of veggie pizza. And 2 home made chocolate chip cookies for snack. Again, didn’t go over my points!

I just realized I’m talking a lot about food. But seriously, I didn’t do much this weekend. Friday night was great. We spent the evening catching up & watching reality TV. I love those nights. Saturday was lazy, the one I love worked most of the evening so I laid around, worked out some, played some Xbox, read my book (Gone Girl – SO GOOD!). Sunday was another lazy day, I read some, I napped some, that was about it.


S’Mores Bananas:

Chocolate Chips (1Tbsp)
Mini Marshmallows (~20)

Make an aluminum foil “boat”. Cut banana in half. Top with chocolate chips & mini marshmallows. Place under the broiler, on low, until chocolate is melty & marshmallows are crispy.

Oh so yummy!!


Today’s Plan of Attack:

B: Oatmeal & Coffee. -4
S: Apple. -0
L: Smart Ones, Applesauce, SF Pudding. -9
S: Carrots w/ Hummus. -2
D: 3 Slices Veggie Pizza. -18
S: 1 Packet Skinny Cow Caramel filled Chocolates. -4

Weekend Recap!

It wasn’t all that exciting. Saturday I was a bum all morning. I did have a daytime date with the bestie that included walking around the mall & then going to see Gangster Squad. Really good movie! I loved it. And it had my future husband, Ryan Gosling, in it.

That night was date night with the one I love. That was a bust. Well, sort of. I got to his house like 10 minutes late – because he wanted me to go to his place before we went out. Why, I don’t know. I live in town, he lives like 30 minutes away from town. We came back out to town for dinner & a movie – whatever. Anyway, I get there & he STARTS to play xbox. He hadn’t even been playing. So we leave later than we wanted to. Grr. So we don’t get to do dinner before the movie. So I’m starving all through the movie. We finally get dinner at like 9pm. (By the way, Hansel & Gretel is a really good movie.) But we were both off & cranky.

Yesterday he was big time cranky. All day long. I even asked if he wanted his space & I would go home. He said no, he was fine. I know it’s all coming from being laid off. And I do understand he wasn’t upset with me. But he was just foul. I tried to let it all roll off my shoulders, but that was easier said than done. I tried to explain how it was making me feel just after lunch but it didn’t seem to change anything. And the day just kept getting blah. So that night he asked me what was wrong & why I was so standoff-ish, I explained again that I just felt like he didn’t want me around. We talked everything out & we did manage to turn it into a decent (not great) night. I’m going there tonight in hopes of having a great night with him.


Attempting to file my taxes at the moment – such a pain. I don’t know my PIN or my AGI. WTF is that?? So now I’m on hold, trying to get my PIN so I can submit my taxes. This sucks.

But I’m totally ready for my refund! I might buy new appliances or go on a trip or something. It’s the best return I’ve ever gotten before, so I’m pretty excited about that.


Today’s Plan of Attack:

B: Oatmeal & Coffee.
S: Cheese stick.
L: LO chicken pot pie, broccoli, & carrots.
S: SF jell-o pudding cup.
D: Steak, baked potato, & roasted asparagus.
S: Angel food cake w/ strawberries & FF Rediwhip.

Cardio Kickboxing + WIW

Holy hell.

That’s the only way I can describe that class.

And very appropriate, seeing as we took the class in a basement.

It kicked my butt. When I left I had muscle groups hurting that I didn’t even know I had! The backs of my legs – what is that? A quad?? – are killing me today.

I took the class with some friends – the bestie from college & the bestie from WW – so on top of working out it gives me  decent social hour. Exactly what I need to get back into working out!

But it was so fun!! I can’t wait until next Tuesday to do it again.


Weigh in was today.

I was down. So excited about that!!

Down 2.5#.

That makes 6.75 for the MONTH!


Classes start back up tonight.

I totally forgot to do my written homework. Oopsy! I did my reading & my group work. I’ll do my written work at lunch today. No biggie.


Today’s Plan of Attack:

B: Oatmeal & coffee. -4pts
S: Greek yogurt. -2pts
L: Smart ones & apple. -???
S: ???
D: Salad w/ lean cuisine salad toppers, cottage cheese, & something. -9+

1 More Day

Left in this week!

Oh thank goodness. I’m so ready for Friday.

Date night with the bestest friend a girl could ever ask for!

Movie – Argo
Dinner – Outback
Dessert – Sweet Frog



I’ve been cleaning house like a crazy woman the past few days. Well, not too much. mainly laundry & dishes. Which is taking forever since I have to wait forever to do more than 1 load of laundry/dishes. I’ve got my last load of dishes going right now – minus what I dirtied up from dinner. And I’m almost finished with all the damn laundry. I swear, it’s a never ending cycle.

My computer is being dumb tonight. It really needs to stop all that business.

And my dog is an evil little shit. EVIL!

Seriously. He keeps getting into the trash bag & ripping it up & pulling stuff out. I washed a blanket to go on my bed & had it sitting on the floor, he peed on it. JUST CAME OUT OF THE DRIER!!!

He’s currently in time out.


Daily Menu:

B: 5 – Special K breakfast sandwich, coffee
S: 0 – Banana
L: 9 – Smart Ones, Carrots w/ Ranch
S: 2 – Cheese Stick
D: 12 – Scrambled eggs w/ cheese & veggies, toast, milk, & an apple
S: ???

I’ve still got 7 points to play around with for later. Who knows what I’ll indulge in.