Holy goodness it’s complicated.

I mean, it really isn’t if you just go in & buy your products & hand them your coupons. But when you’re really trying to save money it gets complicated. And one of my goals for this year is to budget & save some money. I didn’t do so well with January – and it’s not even over yet! – but that’s ok. I’m doing better than I was in December. I’m not spending as much on eating out & just random stuff I want. But at the end of January I’m going to sit down with my bank statement & my bills & create a budget. I’m going to try the Dave Ramsey tips of cash envelopes. I’m going to set a grocery budget & stick to it – that will be the hardest part. If I can get through February, I can get through March. 1 month at a time.

But back to couponing. If you can figure it out it’s pretty awesome. Like on Thursday how I managed to buy 3 boxes of hair color, a styling product, shampoo, & conditioner for, oh, $18 and some change. CVS had my brand of hair color on sale for $5.99 – I had a $2.00 coupon. This made them each $3.99. On top of that, they had the heat styling spray on sale for $3.25, I had a $1.00 coupon. But if you spent more than $15.00 on this brand of hair color – before coupons, so 3 boxes was plenty – you got a $5.00 store coupon off your next purchase. So – all of that was 1 transaction. $15 & some change. Then, my shampoo & conditioner were on sale for 2/$10.00. I had a $2.00 off 2 – which made them $8.00. But because I had everything else as my first transaction I turned right about & used my $5.00 store coupon on them, making them $3.00. I was pretty excited with myself.

My plan for today is to clean out my fridge & organize my pantry. My plan for tomorrow is to sit down with the Sunday paper – sale ads & coupons – and create a grocery list & meal plan. Then go shop. Oh how I just can’t wait!