Gym = Love. Car = Hate.

That title pretty much sums up the past 2 days.

Let’s start with the Love.

I love my gym. The trainers are great, they come around & chat & encourage you & help you. The amenities are amazing. It’s just love.

My arms & legs are sore from my amazing workout last night. 30 minutes on the elliptical (250 calories) & 15 total minutes on the row machine (3000 meters, 150 calories). I am sore. I a good way. I burned 400 calories. I felt amazing – a very wobbly – leaving the gym. And I can’t wait to go back.


And on the to Hate part of this post.

My car. It’s evil.

Last month my AC died, I needed new rear brakes & rotors. $300 gone.

And now, my AC is pretty much dead again – the compressor is ok, but that means the seal around it is probably worn out & needs to be replaced. This morning I had 2 flat tires when I got to work. The one I love came out & fixed those for me. My tire tread is so low I need new tires. Walmart wouldn’t patch the one I thought was low yesterday because it is legally too low & wouldn’t pass inspection. Blah.

Yes, I realize none of this is my cars fault. Just a lot of stress with money right now.

I keep telling myself I won’t go to my favorite bar after the gym. The hard part is, I love my bar. I love sitting on the patio of my bar with a nice beer, in the sun, and just relax. But those are calories I don’t need to drink. I don’t need to go emotional eat because of this. I need to take my emotions out at the gym today. That is my plan.