Is Curvy the new Fat?

I was reading an article on Yahoo Shine about the actress that plays Cece on the show “New Girl.” It was talking about how she doesn’t like to be called “curvy” because it’s like calling a girl “fat.” And she wasn’t the only actress who didn’t enjoy the term. Is there a near fear around the word curvy?

Is this true? Has curvy become the new fat? Is this a term that we “plus sized” women have coined for ourself because it makes us feel better about ourselves? Are we insulting ourselves and allowing others to insult us as well? Or is there really a difference in “curvy” and “fat”?

Is curvy a movement??

Is curvy a movement??

Or is curvy real? Have we, as normal women, always been curvy? Has the idea of what a woman should look like changed so far from what women actually do look like? Have we, as a society, made our mothers, sisters, daughters, girlfriends, all WOMEN, feel as though they are “fat”? Have we turned our models, our actresses, and our singers – our rolemodels – into such thin people that we feel everyone should look this way? While in turn making the rest of the women feel as though they can’t live up to those standards?


We’re putting unrealistic goals in our young women’s minds. We’re telling them they have to be thin to be beautiful. That fat is ugly. And now that curvy is ugly. Did you know that 62.7 percent of teenage females use “unhealthy weight control behaviors”? Why are we telling our youth, the future of our country, that thin is more attractive than healthy, or even normal for that matter? When did skipping meals, taking diet pills, and starving ourselves become the way to being attractive?

And when in the hell did this change happen??

And when in the hell did this change happen??

I like to think that as we get older society is more open and accepting to the “curvy girl”. Or maybe it’s that the curvy girl is becoming more accepting of herself. Maybe it’s that as she grows up she stops listening to society and listens to herself. Listens to what makes her happy. Maybe she realizes that she doesn’t have to be thin to be happy. And most importantly, because we are all women, and we all want to be loved, she realizes that men will love her – all of her. And men will even call her beautiful. And sexy. And maybe those young girls who stop eating will turn into the women who eat healthy and become curvy.


Hips are good for something


It only took me until 25 to learn this









I’m not, in any way, shape, or form saying that in order for us, as women, esp plus sized women, need a man to tell us that we are beautiful. We know this information already. It’s the men who are the ones slow to realize it.

I am, however, saying that as a whole our society has scued what we see as beautiful. And that’s just sad. All of us are beautiful. Size 0 to size 22. Or where ever you may fall.

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