Planning At Home Date Night

So the one I love has gone back to work. This is good on some levels, but really sucky on others. He hates the position he’s in now.

He also probably won’t get to go see Tom Petty with me this summer if he’s still in the same position. I’m going to wait a few weeks before I start trying to find someone else who could go with me – I was really looking forward to having this as a small vacation for myself & the one I love.

Enter total depressed mode about all this.

I don’t know when I should start asking around if someone else would like to go with me. I want to give him a chance to either earn some personal time or get back into the weld shop & possibly be able to go. I don’t want to ask someone to go with me & then be like “oh wait, sorry, he can go after all!” But I also don’t want to wait so long that I end up going all the way up there by myself. I just don’t know what to do.

I might ask my dad’s girlfriend if she’d like to go. I think she’d be a blast to hang out with & would totally understand being  “stand by” in case the one I love can go.


Anyway, back to planning date night.

Since the one I love is back at work I won’t get to see him as often. So cooking during the week for him won’t be happening. So this weekend I have planned an amazing dinner.

Chicken topped with sauteed spinach & mushrooms. Then topped with melted Swiss cheese.
Rice pilaf.
Roasted asparagus with dijon sauce.

Then probably rent a movie & just chill out.


Chicken w/ sauteed spinach & mushrooms & melted Swiss cheese

1lb (usually 3 to a pound) of boneless skinless chicken breast
3 slices Sargento Ultra Thin Swiss cheese
Baby spinach
Sliced mushrooms
Minced garlic
Worcestershire Sauce
1T Olive Oil
Salt, Pepper, Red pepper flakes
2T Hormel Real Bacon Bits

Saute the spinach & mushrooms in the olive oil, worcestershire sauce, salt, pepper, red pepper flakes, garlic, & bacon bits until the mushrooms are cooked through & the spinach is wilted.

Spray a baking dish with cooking spray & lay the chicken in. Top the chicken with the mixture & bake for 25 minutes at 350 degrees.

Remove from the oven & top with a slice of swiss cheese. Place back in the oven for 5-10 minutes until the cheese is melted & the chicken is cooked through.

I haven’t made this before, but I’m sure it will be delish! And even better than that, at 3 servings (because I usually see a pound of chicken as 3 breasts) it comes out to 7pts a serving!


It’s So Cold!!


It was 12 degrees when I got in my car this morning. 12!! I live in SW Virginia. It should not be this cold.

And now they’re calling for more snow. MORE SNOW! I still have a good 6in in my back yard. The one I love can’t fix my roof because I’ve probably got a good 5in on there. And it’s going to snow another 3-6in? Seriously? When is the roof ever going to get fixed??

If this weather keeps up I’ll be stress eating my way through the rest of winter.


Anyway, on a different note.

Cardio kickboxing last night. Whoa.

At one point she told us that she was going to work our legs until we couldn’t feel them. Or maybe it was until they burned. Either way, she did. But it was a good burn. I dread going, esp when it’s so cold out, but I love the way I feel afterwards. I feel accomplished & powerful. And half dead, but whatever.

I can feel my body getting stronger – mainly because it’s fighting for its life. And I’m loving that feeling.

I think in February I’m going to focus my mini goals more on exercise. I’ll continue with my January goals but maybe add something else in to February. I haven’t decided yet. But I seem to be doing well with the January goals.


So, Heather is trying to convince me something awful to go on the 2013 WW 20s Board Meetup. It’s in Boston in October. I’m still up in the air. I know it will be a blast. It’ll be a weekend full of girls. It’ll be the weekend right around my birthday. It’ll be a road trip with girls.

I want to.

My only hang up is money.

So, one of my February goals is going to be budget better so I can go on this trip.


Today’s Plan of Attack

B: Oatmeal & coffee. -4pts
S: Too busy – no snack.
L: Turkey sandwich, cottage cheese, carrots w/ greek yogurt dip. -10pts
S: Yogurt. -2pts
S: Banana. -0pts
D: Subway Sub & maybe chips? – 16pts
S: Wine! 🙂 -4pts

Weekend Recap!

It was a good one.

Lots of cooking.

Lots of good food.

Not many WPs used!!

I’d call that a success.

I didn’t get much exercise in, but I did get some.

I also have plans to go to kickboxing tomorrow night.

I still need to do something tonight in order to reach my goal of exercising 3 times a week.

Also trying to make a menu for the week of healthy affordable foods. I hate grocery shopping. I hate menu planning. But I’m trying to eat at home more to save money. It’s helping, but I’m still broke as a joke!

I think I might make some baked BBQ chicken & some veggies for the one I love sometime this week. Trying to figure out what else I want to make.

Speaking of cooking for the one I love. Can I just say that the lightened up Alice Springs Chicken I made Friday night was A.Maz.Ing! I have gotten 2 requests from the one I love to make it again soon. So yummy. I also made some bangin’ burgers last night. Leftovers for lunch today!


Date night Saturday was wonderful. But seriously, the one I love had the nerve to ask if I wanted to invite some friends to go with us. No, no sir I do not! He laughed at me.  But we both got dressed up nice – jeans, but nice. I even got him into a collared shirt that wasn’t flannel! We got to the restaurant & it was so nice inside. Very close set & intimate. Our waitress was wonderful. Very personable. We had coffee & brown sugar rubbed oysters for an appetizer. They had cheddar dill biscuits with whipped butter – I was a littler leery of the dill, but it was so good! I had the filet with pimento cheese crust, squash fritters, & sauteed green beans. 2 glasses of red wine. And we split some red velvet cake for dessert. I seriously can’t wait to go back! But it’s a pretty pricy place so I doubt that will happen soon. I requested for that to be my graduation dinner place – you know, in a little over a year.


Today’s plan of attack:

B:  oatmeal & coffee. -4pts
S: banana. -0pts
L: bacon cheeseburger, broccoli, & applesauce. -12pts
S: yogurt. -2pts
S: fruit. -0pts
A: some DVD.
D: ????

Date Night Dinner Menu!

I just informed the one I love about date night for Sunday.

I’ll be cooking dinner.

Parmesan encrusted tilapia.
Creamed baked spinach.
Roasted root veggies.
Garlic & Herb quick bread.

Peanut butter chocolate fro-yo milkshakes for dessert.

Lawless movie & cuddles for entertainment.

I can’t wait.


Also on the menu for this weekend will be a spaghetti squash baked spaghetti casserole.

Recipes to follow after I make them.