Gym Intimidation

Yeah, I’ve got it.

Big time. I always feel like I have no friggin’ clue what I’m doing at the gym. I feel like everyone is staring at me. Haha – look at the chubby girl who thinks she knows what she’s doing!

How I feel at the gym

How I feel at the gym

But you know what, this chubby girl is rocking it! My gym has set me up a routine. I started with 15-20 minutes on a cardio machine as my warm-up. Then I move to my cardio/upper body/core workout. This consists of medicine ball work with squats, the BOSU ball, and the chest press machine thingy (technical term).

My gym also has this nice little area that you can do your own workout. It’s where they keep the medicine balls, BOSU, and the chest press thingy.

Yesterday while I was at the gym I was doing this awful, evil, cardio contraption. It was like a stair stepper & an elliptical had a love child. It was the spawn of Satan. I got to 5 minutes 1 minute and wanted to die. Then I made it to 5, still wanted to die. I decided I’d do 10 minutes & then switch to something else. Something easier. I hit 10 minutes and decided that nope, it was only 5 more minutes. I didn’t want to look like a wimp so I just toughed it out. I did my 15 minutes on the machine from hell.

Then it was time for my other stuff. The stuff I feel like a doofus trying. I went over the corner, picked up the medicine ball thingy (technical terms, you know) and went to town. I did my sets. A hot guy came over to do crunches & use the chest press thingy. He stayed. He did many sets. I continued my throw ball down, squat, pick up, repeat. He continued. I switched workouts. Raise above head, squat, repeat. Another hot guy came over. Buff. They took turns on the chest press thingy. I feel like a sweaty pig. Huge. Awkward even. Like I had no idea what I was doing.

But you know what?? Neither of these guys paid any attention to me. They walked right by me. They did their workout and moved on. I did mine. I moved on. They didn’t care that I was there.


Those guys didn’t care that I was struggling. They paid me no mind at all. The girls on the other side of the gym, where I was doing my leg workouts & the God awful inverted sit-up torture device. No one cared. No one paid me any mind. I lie, one girl did pay me mind. She apologized for walking out in front of me. Other than that, I was just another body in that gym. Bettering myself.

And you know what. I’m going back today to do it again.



WIM + T25

Last Week: 229.0
This Week: 230.0
Change: +1.0

I figured I would have a gain this week. I mean, come on, 6.4 pounds in one week was just too good to be true. And I knew that. I also knew that I was starting up a new workout routine and I was on my period. So having only a 1 pound gain, that’s awesome.

And speaking of that new workout routine, Whew. It’s a butt kicker. But that being said, it’s an amazing workout. I haven’t worked out this hard in a long time. And it feels good. I’m sweating like crazy when it’s done. My limbs are exhausted. My whole body is exhausted. But I love it. And I feel accomplished once I’ve completed my workout. That being said, I can already tell, in just week two, that I’m able to do more than I was last week. Both Week 1 and Week 2 started off with the Cardio disk. I’m able to do some of the moves better than I could last week. I’m also able to do them for longer. I am still following the modifier for some things, I’m also modifying my own and going somewhere between the regular workout and the modifier. And it seems to be working very well for me. I can’t wait to continue with the T25. I plan on continuing with the Alpha version until I can do all the moves 100% for the full 25 minutes. And that may take me longer than the 5 weeks suggested, I may end up repeating a few weeks. That’s ok with me. I want to be able to give Beta my all when I start it, and that’s going to take some building up.

Today’s Menu:

B: Quest bar, grapes, coffee – 5
S: Greek yogurt – 3
L: Turkey sandwich, apple, cottage cheese – 8
S: Cheese stick – 2
A: T25 Wk 2 D 1
D: Salmon, roasted squash & broccoli, quinoa – 12
S: Popcorn – 4


Gym Clothes Review

Ok, so I’m really picky about gym clothes. I want them cheap, I want them cute, and I want them comfortable. Must meet all three requirements. I hate, let me repeat HATE, going to the gym in old ratty t-shirts. Faded pants. Whatever you have it. Hate it. This is not to say I haven’t worn those items to the gym, but I feel awful. And isn’t the biggest and hardest part of working out finding the motivation to do it? Why would I be motivated to put that crap on!?

So, I made it my mission when I decided to recommit to my weight loss that I needed to find decent work out clothes. But again, they MUST meet the tripe C requirements: Cheap, Cute, Comfortable. That’s when I took the advise of my fellow weight watcher ladies and headed to Old Navy to find just the thing. And I did!

I have some workout clothes from Old Navy already. And for the most part I used to love them. But since I’ve gained weight I am not such a fan of them. I have several pairs of their fold over style of yoga pants. And since I’ve packed on a few pounds they are more a “fold under” style at the moment. Totally bulky and uncomfortable. So I tried their compression line of workout clothes. The best part, Old Navy’s website sells their pants, even their Active line, in talls. This is much needed for a girl of my height. So I bought myself 5 pairs of pants. With matching tops. And sports bras. (What?! Don’t judge me.) And the best part, everything on the website was one sale!

When they finally arrived I was so stinkin’ excited. So cute. I love how the pants are tighter and stop the jiggle. And my shirts are flowy but not too loose. The sports bras, perfect amount of support for the workouts I’m doing, however, I would not recommend these bad boys for running or Zumba. And even better yet, they are comfortable. I feel confident in them.

My only complaint, which I’ve since figured out, is that when I first put them on I could not make them stay up. For the life of me they kept falling down. I don’t think I had them up far enough. Since that day I haven’t started to pull them up higher, like old lady style around my belly button (maybe the torso is longer because they’re talls? I don’t know.). I’ve also stopped wearing undies with them. Yeah, sorry, TMI there. But I found that the biggest issue was it was my UNDIES falling down and bringing the pants with them. So, undies had to go.

Overall, totally in love with these bad boys. They meet my Triple C requirements. I feel good in them. And I actually look forward to putting them on. Which is the biggest part of working out. For me at least.


The opinions expressed in this blog post are 100% mine. I was not contacted or paid by Old Navy to review their products. I received nothing in exchange for my review. I just really like them that much.

Things I Love Friday – Hip Hop Abs!

It’s Friday!

Thank goodness.

This has been the s.l.o.w.e.s.t. week ever. For serious. I’m glad it’s over.

Tonight is going to be tough to stick with my goal of eating at home at least 3 days. I had take-out leftovers for dinner on Monday & Subway on Wednesday. I don’t have any leftovers to heat up, which means I have to cook. And I don’t want to.

Meatloaf is on the menu, but I’m not feeling it. And considering throwing a bunch of stuff together in a pot, browning the meat, rice, veggies, spices, salsa, & cheese.

Who knows. We’ll see.

It’ll probably be meatloaf.


So, Friday is to talk about amazing things I love. Whatever they may be.

This week, it’s Hip Hop Abs.

hip hop abs

And Shaun T.

Sometimes I think he’s very vain with showing me his totally ripped, what is that, an 8 pack? Whatever. He may be vain, but he’s encouraging and he’s sexy.

I’ll take it.

Those abs - he likes to show them.

Those abs – he likes to show them.


But anyway, Shaun T and his gorgeousness aside, it’s a great workout. I sweat – and I’m not a sweater. Ask my coworker, I just turn 10 shades of red and look like a beet.

So far I have only done the 25 ab workout and it’s a beast. I definitely feel it while I’m working out. And after. And I’m covered in sweat.

Tonight I might try doing the 45 minutes routine and see how I do.

Seriously. Go order this. It’s only like $20 for a ton of stuff. I even have a friend who sells it, and no she did not put me up to posting about this.

I’m not following the program exactly, I’m using HHA as a fill in workout for when I can’t make it to the gym, which is often.

And if you take before and after photos & submit them you get a free t-shirt.

Who doesn’t love free!

Gym Intimidation

Am I the only one out there that feels this?

Seriously. I have this massive love – hate relationship with my gym. And my gym is amazing! Everyone is friendly. Its clean. And feels safe. And I joined it because it’s so wonderful.

For reals. It is.

For reals. It is.

But I still feel like everyone is staring at me when I go there. Like I don’t know what I’m doing.

I HATE going to the gym.

I would much rather workout in my living room, where the only people that can see me are the furbabies and on occasion Mr. Chocolate.

I don’t want the hot guy who lifts weights & is all kinds of buff to see my jiggly butt on the elliptical. I mean, not like he matters, I have Mr. Chocolate – but let’s be honest ladies, we all want that hot guy to notice us. Just not our jiggly butts.

I don’t know why I feel this way. Honestly, I don’t give other people the stare down & be all like “Wow, you definitely don’t work out often. Look at that jiggle!!” Yeah, I don’t do that.

I might give you the stare down if you’re on the seated row machine for too long – I love that thing.

I found this article on SparkPeople to help get over the fear of gym intimidation. And it has some great tips.

The ones that stuck out in my head the most were:
1) Buddy up! – Seriously, go with a friend. There’s strength in numbers. It’s not as scary if you have someone you can pretend people are looking at instead of you. Wait, what? That’s wrong. You can distract yourself with a buddy. Have someone to chit-chat with. It makes the time go faster & occupies your mind.
2) Take Headphones. – Again, Occupy your mind. Headphones = Love! Listen to some tunes. Or if you have an awesome gym like mine that have TVs on each cardio machine watch some TV & actually be able to listen to it.
3) Just do it! – For real peoples. Like Nike said, Just Do It. Not that hard. Get off your jiggly butt and go!!!

gym intimidation***

Daily Menu:

B: PB2 & banana smoothie, muffin, & coffee. -7
S: Greek yogurt. -3
L: Turkey sandwich, carrots w/ hummus, & apple. -7
S: Banana, & cheese stick. -2
D: Sausage w/ peppers & onions, quinoa. -12
S: Chocolate, & wine. -9

I hate the gym, but I love Marie Callender – WIW

Seriously. Gym. It’s a dirty 4-letter word. Or at least it should be.

And am I the only person out there who doesn’t sweat? I just turn bright red & get “sticky”. And my head itches. Its gross and totally unattractive. But whatevs. The gym is a required piece of evil in my life if I want to do good on this journey. And I do. I did roughly 33 minutes on the elliptical trainer today. At an incline of 10. On the variety program so it changed resistance levels every minute or so. Kick.My.Butt. But in a good way.

But really, what do I come back to work & do??


Well, I do have to eat lunch. But still. Come back after working out just to eat all of those calories I worked so hard to burn off. And it was yummy.

Marie Callender’s Three Cheese Tortellini – 420 calories
Granny Smith Apple – 50 calories

So good.

And what I’m totally loving about these Marie Callender’s fresh steamer things – of them is under 500 calories! And they taste amazing. They don’t taste anything like a “diet” frozen meal. You know, bland & flavorless. I can’t wait to try the other flavors. They’ll make great lunches & dinners before my class on Wednesday nights.

**This post was NOT sponsored by Marie Callenders & I received no incentive to write about them. It is just how I feel about a really good lunch/dinner option.


And on another note, today was my weigh-in day. It wasn’t very exciting, but it was better than I was expecting. I was down only 1/4 of a pound. But it’s still down!

5k Friday!

Yeah. That’s the new goal.

Thankfully, I have a coworker who will be doing this with me. Because otherwise I would never be able to do this.

Today’s 5k will be on a treadmill. Most likely walking. All of it. And I’m ok with that. Next week I plan on adding some intervals into my treadmill workout. Walk 2 minutes, run 30 seconds. Repeat for 30 minutes total.

I need to make a tab on my blog for my 5k Friday times & how I did them (track/treadmill/road/etc).

Wish me luck today!