The “Fat Girl Dance”

Don’t deny you’ve done it. We all have. You know the one. The jump. The pull. The shimmy. The lay on your back and suck it in. Stand back up and tilt to the side. The “Hey buddy, you hold the bottom while I zip it.”

Yeah, that dance.

Whatever you want to call that dance, you know you’ve done it.

And seriously, why is it called the “fat girl dance”? It’s a serious workout!

I would know, I just did it.

With a wedding in less than 48 hours from this moment. And my go to sexy dress. And the fact that I’ve gained some weight since the last time I put it on. It was a workout, my friends. But with the help of my friends spanx & lotion (for that stuck zipper) the dress went on. And actually looked pretty good.

That’s a good thing. Seeing as I’m going to a wedding of a good friend of the one I love’s. And the fact that a girl he attempted to date is Oh yeah, I gotta look hot.

And now I know I will.

I’ll look hot. I just may not be able to breathe.

If anyone happens to be in Northern VA at a wedding this Friday evening & a girl in a black dress with red heals hits the deck, it’s ok. Just unzip me a little bit so I can breathe. It’ll be ok.