Pinterest Will NOT Be the Death of My Diet!!

I swear to you it won’t!

Ok, that’s probably a bold faced lie

Because I love Pinterest. And I love all the yummy looking recipes I find on there.

Like this super yummy looking breakfast casserole.

If you follow the recipe & use nothing reduced fat, low fat, etc. – the recipe comes out to 11pp per serving!!! That’s insane. I don’t care how yummy it looks. That is insane!

So, I have decided that I’m going to alter this recipe. I’m going to use egg beaters, turkey sausage crumbles, & RF cheese (1/2 the amount – and use Cheddar, which I find to be more flavorful) with RF cresent rolls.

By making these changes I’ve nearly halfed the points plus value! It came out to 6pp per serving. That paired with a nice cup of coffee & some fruit would make a wonderful Christmas morning breakfast!