Update + Recipe Review

So I’ve been MIA for a while now. And honestly, it hasn’t been pretty. I’ve been lying to myself about how well I’m following WW. About how I’m staying on plan. About how I’m dieting. Yeah. Right. If I were doing all of those things I wouldn’t have gained back all of the weight I had lost since January 1. I’ve gotten to the point that I can’t stand the way I look. The way I feel. I feel awful. I am 10 pounds away from my highest ever adult weight. My clothes don’t fit anymore. I do not feel attractive, at all. It’s starting to effect my self confidence. Something has to change.

I considered not doing WW anymore. Of course the excuses of “its not working.” Yadda yadda. No, it works. But it requires me to do the work. And I wasn’t. I know WW works for me. I know how the plan works. I just need to put in EFFORT! I need to do it. So that’s my goal. Do it.

I’m going to try to take Sundays as a prep day. Get lunches made for the week & dinners planned out. I’m going to focus on GOOD food (not just cans of soup & a turkey sandwich). I’m going to eat food with FLAVOR. That is also healthy. I am going to allow myself to have a treat when I’m craving it. I’m going to have to put in more effort to not get bored. That’s the problem. I’m bored. And I’m lazy, let’s be honest. So this new food is also going to have to be simple. That’s a hard combo to find. Easy, tasty, healthy. So if you know of any recipes, let me know!

And speaking of recipes, I tried one I was a little leery of this weekend. I didn’t know how it was going to turn out and honestly feared it was going to be horrible and I wasted my money. Holy goodness I was wrong!!

It’s SkinnyTaste’s Dad’s Creamy Cauliflower Soup. My goodness. So easy. So yummy. So going on my regular to make list!!

  • 1 tbsp butter
  • 1 tbsp unbleached flour (all purpose is fine too)
  • 1 medium head cauliflower – chopped
  • 1/2 cup chopped onions
  • 4 cups fat free chicken broth (vegetarians can use vegetable broth)
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • hot sauce (this isn’t in her recipe, but I’m a hot sauce junky, but an FYI – a little goes a long way with this recipe)
  • minced garlic (also not part of her recipe)


In a medium saucepan, make a roux by melting the butter on low heat. Add the flour and stir about 2 minutes.

Add the chicken broth, onions and cauliflower and set heat to medium. Bring to a boil, then cover and simmer over medium-low heat until vegetables are tender (about 20
minutes.) Puree with an immersion blender until smooth. Season with salt and pepper.

Like I said, I added hot sauce as well, and I may have added too much. But I think the garlic & hot sauce made it awesome. My immersion blender left some chunks. Maybe I didn’t have the patience to mess with it. Or maybe I need a better one (my stick kept falling off). Next time I will probably transfer to a regular blender and blend until smooth. Also, 4 cups of chicken broth made for a fairly thick soup. So if you like yours thinner I would suggest adding more liquid.

The boyfriend refuses to try and said it “Smells like butt”. And I’ll be honest, it did stink while it was cooking. But my goodness it is AMAZING!!! And only 2pts for a 1.25 cup serving. Seriously, going to be a lunch time staple.


Recipe Review – Dashing Dish Triple Chocolate Muffins

I made these bad boys over the weekend. They were pretty good if I do say so myself. The texture was a little… spongy… for my liking. I think that’s because she uses only oats, ground up, instead of flour. I also think they needed a little… something. But I don’t know what. Maybe it’s because they are a knockoff of VitaTops chocolate muffins, and I think VitaTops are a little spongy and bland.

Don’t get me wrong – these babies are yummy. And I will be making them again. But I’ve put them into my recipe builder and made a few changes.

First off, the recipe she has posted on her website says they are 3pts each – maybe it’s because I used 1 cup of Splenda vs. 1/2 a cup of Stevia, but mine came out to 4pts each. Which was slightly annoying since I’ve been counting them as 3 and found out today that they are, in fact, 4pts.

After putting her recipe in my recipe builder I started making changes. First off I changed them to 1 cup of whole wheat flour and left 3/4 cup of ground oats. I *hope* this will make them less spongy like and a little more dense. I also lessened the chocolate chips from 1/2 cup to 1/3 cup. This dropped them back down to 3pts – like I said, if you use Stevia double check your points, but mine came out to 4pts each with Splenda.

I have no idea how these changes will turn out when I make them again, hopefully good. So stay tuned in the next week or so how they are!


So last night I had zero motivation to work out. Like none. I did my homework. I watched some Big Bang Theory. And then I sat my happy butt on the sofa and ate too many french fries. Oops.

But I tracked it all. And because of the snow I believe I’ll be leaving work early. Therefore I have already planned to do a little longer workout today.

I haven’t figured out my dinner for tonight. I could make a veggie burger, but let’s be honest, they’re never that good. I might thaw out some chicken and make a grilled chicken sandwich. Or maybe some chicken fajitas without the wraps.

I feel as though a Wal-Mart run is in order if I get off of work early enough. Get some tomatoes, supplies for a beef roast to make on Thursday. (Yes mom, I know I need to just go straight home once I leave work.)


Daily Menu:

B: Smoothie, muffin, coffee. –
S: Greek yogurt. -3
L: Turkey sandwich, celery w/ hummus, banana. -7
S: Apple, cheese stick. -2
D: ????

Recipe Reviews – No Yeast Cinnamon Buns & Hot Ham and Cheese Rolls

Got my domestic on this weekend. For reals.

I attempted crocheting – I need new yarn. Something slightly easier to see what I’m doing. Something not so pretty & flashy. So I got some boring navy blue. Maybe I’ll make some pot holders or something with it.

I also made lots of yummy food. Here is my review on two new recipes I tried.

Easy No Yeast Cinnamon Buns – they were good, but slightly too bitter for me. I’m not saying they were super bitter/sour. But not as sweet as I would have liked. They are made with sour cream & butter milk. Next time I make them I think I’ll use sour cream & regular milk to cut down on some of the twang. Also, note to self for next time – make sure I have cinnamon on hand so I don’t have to go out to the store at 11:30pm. I almost ended up making Cumin Buns but quickly realized it wasn’t the right thing, thank goodness!!

Hot Ham & Cheese Rolls – they were good but def missing something. I used refridgerated pizza dough. I don’t know if next time I need to use more ham or cheese or both. Or maybe some type of spread to go on it before the ham and cheese. But it needed something other than ham, cheese, and pizza dough.


In other exciting weekend news, I found a stray dog. He followed me down the one I love’s mile long drive-way. I want him. He is seriously the cutest thing ever! And I’m pretty certain he has claimed me as his. If I leave the room he fusses. He curls up in my lap to sleep, or lay around, or do whatever.

He’s probably no more than 4 month sold. Looks to be some type of Lab/Pitt mix. Black with a white belly. Just darlin’. And I’m in love. I keep refering to him as Dog in hopes I won’t get attached. That obviously isn’t working.

The one I love told me I can’t keep him. That we already have 2 dogs & don’t need a third. I pout everytime he says this.

His cousin is going to take him. So at least he’ll be close by. And I’ll get to see him. I told Luke he has to bring Dog by at least once a month for me to play with & love on – and of course spoil. He laughed and agreed. I don’t know if he agreed because he knows I’m in love with Dog or because I promised to feed him dinner. Luke can’t take Dog until this coming up weekend, he still isn’t settled into his new home.

I’m really hoping that within the next week I can convince the one I love to keep Dog. I don’t see that happening though.


And speaking of dogs, my baby is hurt. Poor thing.

Something with his paw. I don’t know what. He won’t put weight on it. He’s now started to lay on it, but very gently. He’ll also put part of it down if he’s standing, but he won’t walk on it.

I don’t know what to do. He’s slowly improving compared to this weekend, but not very quickly. I don’t know if I should take him to the vet or not. I feel so bad for him.