WIM + Weekend Recap

Seriously, the stress hasn’t died down any. If anything it has gotten worse. To a point.

My house worries are over. She wants to rent the room. Which will be a huge help to me. Extra income every month will be much appreciated! The extra money will allow me to start painting & making some small renovations to the house. Starting with the large bathroom – it is seriously dated & needs some major work.

All of my crazy running around over the weekend is done. So that’s good too. I had a blast with my friends & family who came to town this weekend. I did lots of eating with everyone in town though. Whew! Saturday night we went to this little hole in the wall joint called Abby’s. But holy goodness it is amazing food. If you don’t get enough to eat from there something is wrong with you. Sunday my mom & step-dad came to town. They took us to Cabo Fish Taco – my favorite taco joint ever! So yummy. I got my usual shrimp tacos but got them grilled with a side of sautéed veggies. Very yummy. And what was even more yummy was the slice of Key Lime Pie I got after lunch. Om nom nom nom.

Now my only worry is school. Blah.

I have 7 out of my 9 individual assignments completed. We have finished 1/2 of the case analysis we’re doing. And we have some solid footing for our final project. I need to do a little bit of research for 1 of my individual questions. Do some more reading for the individual assignment. And find an article to write up a quick review of for my final individual assignment. I fear I won’t get all of this completed in time. I am stressing. To the max.

I’m trying to get some of my homework done here at work – shhh, don’t tell the bosses! – and that’s going fairly well. Still stressing though. I can’t decide if I should stay with the one I love or not tonight. I have so much I need to get done. I need internet access to do it. He doesn’t have such a thing at his house. It all hangs on how much work I get done while here at work.


Weigh-In Monday!!

Last week: 220.75
This Week: 219.00
Difference: – 1.75

Total weight loss since I recommitted to this journey, 3 pounds. I’ll so totally take that.



If you can’t move – Redecorate!

So I went to look at the super cute house after work yesterday. And as super cute as it was, I don’t think it’s for me. Very sad.

But that’s ok. Because between the power of my tax return & pinterest I have plans for my big bathroom.

It’s time to start redecorating my house!

On the cheap. Haha.

Some ideas for my big bathroom are as follows:

184295809721038297_4vXZLqe7_c  184295809721038282_NNkzFtUS_c

Start with a new paint color & new flooring – something bright but relaxing and spa like.

84724036711733143_rpKVisCL_c  14918242486374224_Ts0746Gx_c

Add new shelving above the door for larger storage – towels, toilet paper, etc. And on the far wall for smaller items – wash clothes, q-tips, cotton balls.

167970261072093256_7d3LDhR9_b  21814379415670329_FW8urn5p_b

Can’t forget about the vanity area. Paint & install hardware to the cabinets and then frame out the bathroom mirror.

257408934921375369_I48J7M3O_c  191754896605064978_DIXPPYzb_c

And the bathtub. Add bead-board around the base of the tub to make it look built in. Then make my own double shower curtain, floor to ceiling length to add drama – I’ll also use the same fabric to make a small curtain to go on the vanity to hide the litter box.

I can’t wait to get my tax return to start on this project.

Finally something to look forward to after all the crap that’s gone wrong with my house this week! Leaking roof, broken drier (yeah, I didn’t mention that – drier died last night. Hopefully the one I love can fix it.)

I so need a relaxing place to get away for weeks like this one. I think if I can create this bathroom it will be my relaxation place.