Weekend Recap!

It wasn’t all that exciting. Saturday I was a bum all morning. I did have a daytime date with the bestie that included walking around the mall & then going to see Gangster Squad. Really good movie! I loved it. And it had my future husband, Ryan Gosling, in it.

That night was date night with the one I love. That was a bust. Well, sort of. I got to his house like 10 minutes late – because he wanted me to go to his place before we went out. Why, I don’t know. I live in town, he lives like 30 minutes away from town. We came back out to town for dinner & a movie – whatever. Anyway, I get there & he STARTS to play xbox. He hadn’t even been playing. So we leave later than we wanted to. Grr. So we don’t get to do dinner before the movie. So I’m starving all through the movie. We finally get dinner at like 9pm. (By the way, Hansel & Gretel is a really good movie.) But we were both off & cranky.

Yesterday he was big time cranky. All day long. I even asked if he wanted his space & I would go home. He said no, he was fine. I know it’s all coming from being laid off. And I do understand he wasn’t upset with me. But he was just foul. I tried to let it all roll off my shoulders, but that was easier said than done. I tried to explain how it was making me feel just after lunch but it didn’t seem to change anything. And the day just kept getting blah. So that night he asked me what was wrong & why I was so standoff-ish, I explained again that I just felt like he didn’t want me around. We talked everything out & we did manage to turn it into a decent (not great) night. I’m going there tonight in hopes of having a great night with him.


Attempting to file my taxes at the moment – such a pain. I don’t know my PIN or my AGI. WTF is that?? So now I’m on hold, for.ev.er. trying to get my PIN so I can submit my taxes. This sucks.

But I’m totally ready for my refund! I might buy new appliances or go on a trip or something. It’s the best return I’ve ever gotten before, so I’m pretty excited about that.


Today’s Plan of Attack:

B: Oatmeal & Coffee.
S: Cheese stick.
L: LO chicken pot pie, broccoli, & carrots.
S: SF jell-o pudding cup.
D: Steak, baked potato, & roasted asparagus.
S: Angel food cake w/ strawberries & FF Rediwhip.