Friday Ramblings

Sometimes I feel sexiest when I’m in my yoga pants & wearing the one I love’s old college football sweatshirt. I still have my makeup on from the day. My hair still looks decent. I might be caught with some cute jewelry on. All I’m doing is crawling into bed, but to feel like I look cute makes my whole day.

Which is good. Because the morning started off really shitty. I had a GYN follow-up. I dread these visits. They bring make so many unhappy memories & emotions. I just feel like I’m in the waiting game for cancer. I hear the word every time I go for these visits. It scares me. He told me today that most people who have the issues I’ve had end up with cancer within 5 years. He did mention that the specific issue I had typically doesn’t turn into cancer – but the issue it began as & mutated from does. So I’m still not in the clear. I started with HPV in my cervix. Somehow, someway, it mutated. And I ended up with high grade dysplasia of the vulva – or VIN 3 as he referred to it. I got a clean bill of health this visit, he said at my next visit in 6 months he’ll do another check & if everything is clear we’ll discuss going back to only yearly visits. I haven’t had only yearly visits to the GYN in at least 4 years. So, say a little prayer if that’s your thing.

Other than that my day was fairly decent. I stopped by my grandparents house on my way back to my mom’s. Grandma had fixed biscuits, bacon, & eggs. I splurged a little & had a second biscuit with some homemade strawberry jam. But seriously, it’s the best jam in the world. She made it the old fashioned way – whole fruit cooked for hours with sugar & other things. I could feel the sugar crystals as I was eating it. But it was amazing. I had 2 biscuits & jam.

After that I took a nice, long nap. About 3 hours! It was needed. Between my dog being antsy/whiney about being in a new place, my step-dad getting up at 4am to get ready for work, and not sleeping in my bed, I didn’t sleep for beans last night. That nap was very much needed.

Dinner with my mom’s side of the family. It’s always nice to see everybody. I do miss them a lot. I wish I could see them more. My grandparents are getting older & I wish I was around them more.

Tomorrow morning is a Zumbathon. 2 hours of Zumba. I may die. It’s a very good chance. After that I’m sure I’ll nap. Haha! And then do some stats homework – work on my project & study for my final. Work on my assignment I need to have ready to mail out by 2/27 for my final class to graduate. Lots to do school-wise this weekend.


Today’s Plan of Attack:

B: 4 slices of bacon, 2 eggs, 2 biscuits w/ homemade jam. -20pts
D: Honey Balsamic glazed chicken, vegetable medley, sweet potato fries w/ honey. -24pts

Obviously I went over my points for today, but only by 8. And it’s not every day I get treats like those. It was worth it.