Look Who Go a Makeover!!

Oh yeah.

Doesn’t it look oh so pretty & modern now??

I’m loving this new layout. So pretty. And clean. And crisp.

Maybe with a new makeover for my blog I’ll update this bad boy some more.


Is my Internal Clock Going Nutso???

Goodness I think it is!

I seriously love spending hours on Pinterest pinning ideas for a future wedding. Dreaming of a future honeymoon. Decorating the house. Planning baby announcements.

Yeah. I need to walk away from Pinterest.

Or at least make my “Maybe One Day” board private.

People are going to start wondering about me.

Sexy? Me?

At least I am according to the one I love!

Beautiful, he calls me that often. When I get hard on myself & say how I’ve “gotten fat since we met” he tells me that I’m not fat.

He always usually (come on, he is a man) knows the right thing to say at the right time. He is being extremely supportive of my WLJ. He’s being over-all wonderful with it all.

And then last night, as I’m crawling into bed in my t-shirt & his old gym shorts he asked me how much weight I’ve lost. He told me that he can see a big difference & that he’s proud of me. And then, he called me that 4 letter word. Sexy.

Me! Sexy!!

Has he bumped his head??

But whatever. It made me feel pretty awesome.

Sometimes I love that man.


Today’s Plan of Attack:

B: LF Waffle w/ 1T of RF PB, banana, coffee. -4
S: Donut. -7
L: Taco salad w/ NO shell, tortilla chips & salsa. -14
D: Salsa chicken over rice. -13

No other snacks planned, but possibly a diet root beer float. I still have 10WPs & 13APs. I WI tomorrow, so I’m willing to use them on something like that tonight.