Valentine’s Day = No More Emotional Eating

Yeah, not so much on the romantic side.

We had our dinner Tuesday night. Tuesday meant more to me than tonight does anyway. Tuesday marked the 2 year anniversary of when I laid eyes on the one I love. So we went to dinner at the very place we met. *Swoon* Seriously, I’m smitten. It’s sickening.

But, back to Valentine’s Day.

Can I just say how much happier, or content I guess, I am now. Years before, even when I’ve had a boyfriend, I’ve put so much pressure on Valentine’s Day. It had to be perfect. He (I’m speaking of any man I’ve dated, not necessarily the one I love) had to be sweet & romantic. And he never was. And I was always crushed. I always wanted him to buy me flowers or chocolates or a card, something. And if he did buy me chocolates I ate them all. And if he didn’t buy me chocolates I waited until February 15, national all chocolate is on sale day, and stock piled up. And ate it all.

Have I mentioned in the past that I’m an emotional eater?

But this year has been different. I like to think it’s not all because of the one I love, because let’s be honest, he doesn’t have a romantic bone in his body. I think it’s that I’ve realized 1 day out of the year proves absolutely nothing. What proves how much he cares about me are the other 364 days. Like when we were driving back from our trip & had to stop to get gas, he wouldn’t let me fill up the tank because he didn’t want me to spend my money. On a trip I planned & arranged for him. That I’ve been saving money for to take him on. And on Tuesday when we went out to eat for our “unofficial 2yr anniversary”. It was packed – we met at a bar, it was Fat Tuesday. But he told his boss he needed to leave by 8 so he could take me to dinner there because he knew it meant a lot to me.

So if all I get for Valentine’s Day is for him to stop by the Chinese place on the way home to pick up our take out order & some cuddles after dinner, I’ll be one happy and extremely blessed girl.

I still haven’t totally kicked my emotional & boredom eating, but I’m getting closer. At least this year I’ve tackled Valentine’s Day.


Today’s Plan of Attack:

B: Clif Bar & Coffee. -7
L: SmartOnes pizza & salad. -8
S: Banana. -0
D: Chinese take out! Beef & Broccoli, steamed rice, steamed dumplings, & an egg roll. -21