WIM + New Recipe + Weekend Review

So, can’t we just skip right over my WI post? As I’m sure you noticed, I didn’t post yesterday. For good reason.

Last week: 230.0
This week: 235.6
Change: +5.6

Yeah. Bad.

Don’t judge me. My weekend was filled with lots of food. Lots of celebrations. And lots of travels. It was bad. I could have made much better choices, but I didn’t. I ate with reckless abandon, and it was yummy. And delicious. And other than the scale, worth every bite. The scale will come back down. It sucks that this puts me so much further away from kicking butt in my weight loss competition at work, but I’ll get back down. Just have to work that much harder at menu planning & working out.

So, the celebration part of this weekend. It was partly for mother’s day weekend, because all mothers need to be celebrated. And largely my graduation weekend. Because, that’s just awesome! I finally made it through college. I have a Bachelor’s of Business Administration and a GPA of 3.800 even. I’ve never been more proud of myself. Now… just need to find myself a job to use this shiny, new degree.

And menu planning. Ugh. I’m horrible at it. I need to get better. So I’ve created some recipes and a pretty broad idea of what I’ll be packing for lunches next week. I think I’m going to make myself a crustless quiche of some kind for breakfasts. Pair that with some coffee and a piece of fruit. Yogurt for my morning snacks. Probably some chicken & salad combo for lunch. Cheese stick & veggies for snack. And dinners. Oh the dinners. I’m thinking parmesan tilapia paired with quinoa & veggies one night. Salmon with veggies & a sweet potato. Quinoa shrimp stir fry. And, what I’m most looking forward to, pizza!! I want to make a pesto pizza with chicken, artichoke hearts, feta, & sun dried tomatoes. Oh I can’t wait to have that bad boy.

And speaking of recipes! I made some bangin’ burgers last night. Mr. Chocolate has informed me that I’m usually in charge of burger making. Such a good dinner I had to stop him from eating my leftovers!

I bought some pre-pattied burgers and sprinkled them with a burger seasoning on one side. The other side I brushed with teriyaki sauce. Once the burgers were cooked through I heated up some pineapple slices in teriyaki sauce. I also mixed some sirrachi with light mayo for them. I topped my burgers with a sliced of grilled pineapple, sirrachi mayo, & a slice of pepperjack cheese. SO GOOD!!

I paired all of this with roasted broccoli & tater tots.

I don’t think Mr. Chocolate believes the meals I cook for him are actually healthy. Whatever.


MCM + Weekend Recap

1) You make me smile.

2) How did you just figure out I’m a dork?

3) You are willing to eat healthy foods because it’s what I cook. 🙂

4) You make sure I get my regular car maintenance done.

5) You seriously give the best cuddles. Ever.


So this weekend was a little out of control with food & drink. Some friends were in town and we all got together for dinner. I let my guard down for certain. I drank more than I intended Saturday & then ate too much greasy food after that.

I didn’t work out at all.

But I track all m food. I did not go into the red on my WW tracker.

And I’m still expecting a loss this week. So that’s good news.

MCM + Weekend Recap

1. You go to Sunday brunch with me to a restaurant an hour away.

2. You cuddle while watching manly movies like Die Hard.

3. You don’t complain about the way nail polish smells when I paint my nails, even though I know you hate it.

4. You’ll cook your own dinner when I’m planning something “too healthy” and don’t fuss about it. Or ask me to make something different.

5. You let me exercise in the living-room with only a little bit of laughter.

Love you.


So this weekend I ate a burger.

I think I broke some cardinal rule or weight loss.

Whatever. Sue me. That thing was bangin’!

Blue cheese. Bacon. Caramelized onions.

Yeah. It was worth every.single.bite!

And I’d totally have another one, too.

Other than that the weekend was not very eventful. I didn’t workout. Any. I planned on it Saturday but just didn’t feel like it – I was a total bum Saturday.I don’t feel bad about not working out because I managed to exercise some every work day last week.

Sunday I spent the day with Mr. Chocolate. We went to brunch at a place called 202 Market – I had a ham, spinach, roasted red pepper, & feta omelet with a side of home fries. Then we split a piece of key lime pie. So yummy. So worth it.

Other than that my weekend was totally uneventful. Food was seriously the highlight of my weekend. Is that sad? Please tell me that’s not sad.


Daily Menu:

B: PB2 & Banana smoothie, coffee. -5
L: Chicken salad sandwich, hummus w/ carrots. -10
S: Apple & cheese stick. -2
D: Black & Blue salad. -10ish

Weeklong Recap

Sorry it’s been a week since I’ve last updated. But it was a holiday week. My life has been crazy busy between work, getting ready for the holidays, and just life in general. Goodness it’s been craziness.

But good.

It was so nice to have a couple days off and be able to spend some time with my family. I went back to my hometown and did Christmas with everyone. It’s a little hectic with all of my running around, but totally worth it. When I got to town on Christmas eve I opened presents with my mom and step-dad. So many nice things. My step-dad got me lots of gift cards, he forwarned me that most of his Christmas shopping came from the CVS because of his and my mom’s surgeries. That’s ok by me. I got Amazon & Best Buy gift cards and think I’ve already figured out what I’ll be getting myself.

My mom got me some clothes I picked out & a really awesome scarf. She’s def figured me out. It’s camo in color with purple skull & crossbones on it. I need to find a cute black t-shirt or something to wear it with. She also got my some new ear-buds for my Ipod and a Polar HRM. I can’t wait to head back to the gym to use them.

After that we went to my Granny’s house for snacks & family time. And from there I went to my dad’s to do Christmas with him. He got me kitchen gadgets, which are always great! Subway gift cards, which are greatly appreciated – I don’t think I’ll have to buy another school night dinner the rest of the year!

After Daddy time I headed back to my mom’s for the night. Up the next morning for stockings & then off to the Granny’s house for family lunch. Always so yummy. After lunch I came back home and had dinner with Mr. Chocolate’s family. By the end of the day I was all fooded out! No more.

I did the present thing with his parents. They got me a Ninja! I’m in love with it & can’t wait to start using it. And then back to Mr. Chocolate’s house to exchange our presents. He got me my gorgeous ring & the boots I wanted. He also surprised me with a really cute sweater, a couple movies, and some awesome bath stuff that I can’t wait to use from a company called Lush. Lots of bath fizzies and bubbles. Some lotions and other potions. Shower gel and body conditioner. I seriously can’t wait until this weekend when I’ll be taking a nice, hot, relaxing bath with a book and a glass of wine.

And I also got a great Christmas gift to myself. I got an email saying that my Erin Condren planner has shipped! Tracking shows that the order for pickup was placed, but whatever, it will be here soon & I can’t wait! Her stuff is a little pricey, but super cute. And based on the reviews I’ve heard & the pictures I see I think it’ll be exactly what I need. Lots of places for notes about the day. Meal planning. Exercise planning. I need all this.

What did you do for the holidays?
What was your favorite gift?

Weekend Update!!

Weekend update time!

Sorry I’m so horrible with posting on the weekends – I’m never around a working internet connection.

First off, my hair. I love it. It is nothing like the picture I posted the other day. But it is super cute. When I first left the salon I was not a happy camper. Even after I got home and played around with it I still wasn’t super happy. It wasn’t until the next day when I 100% fixed it myself that I truly like my hair. And at times even love it. So happy I did this.

Secondly, my eating. It was awful. All weekend. Saturday I met my mom for lunch. And by lunch I mean appetizer, meal, and dessert! So yummy!! I didn’t have a real dinner, just drinks & snacking at a wedding party/football watching with some friends. Sunday. Oh goodness the food. Waffle House for breakfast & Papa John’s for dinner. Lots of Papa John’s for dinner.

But on that note, my scale was still down this morning. And ultimately, that’s what matters. Ok, no, that is not the ultimate goal, but it is a goal. And that just goes to show me how BAD my diet was before this week. If I can eat like a crazy lady with raging PMS and still lose weight, how was I eating just a week ago?

As far as my menu today. It’s healthy. It’s yummy. And apparently it’s really low in points, leaving me plenty for a snack later. I didn’t try to make it so low in points, just lots of what I had was way lower than I expected. So I currently have 8 points left at the end of the day, and that includes ice cream!

Daily Menu:

B: Protein bar & banana – 5pts
S: Greek Yogurt – 3pts
L: Turkey sandwich, salad, clementines. – 7pts
S: Cheese stick & apple. – 1pt
D: Honey mustard glazed chicken, honey carrots, broccoli, & roasted potatoes. – 8pts
S: ½ cup Rocky Road ice cream. – 5pts

Yay for good weekends.

Seriously. I needed that.

I got my homework finished. I got to hang out with good friends. I helped the one I love work on his Bronco. I ate good food. I walked. Overall, I just relaxed. And it was great.

I haven’t had a weekend where I wasn’t stressed about school, work, my relationship, or any other issue out there in so long. It was nice to just to have fun. I really need to learn to let go of some things.

I was very worried about this weekend. (Again, back to the fact that I need to learn to let things go.) The one I love is back on second shift. I was wanting to spend time with him because I haven’t in a week (unless you count the 5 hours in bed from when he gets home to when I get up for work.) I knew he was going to want to work on his Bronco. Usually when he’s on second shift we have issues about “me” time vs “us” time. This weekend we found a good balance. While he was working on his Bronco I parked my butt on a chair in his shop & worked on my homework. No, we weren’t really doing anything together, but we were together, and that’s what I needed. He didn’t seem to mind me there and a couple times I even helped out.

This weekend we’re going to start watching Duck Dynasty from season 1. We both like the show but never really followed it. The DVDs were $10 each at Walmart. So that will be our new thing to do on the weekends. It gives me something to look forward to as far as “us” time is concerned. Which I need.

Work evals are soon. Blah. I hate that time of year. My supervisor never has much positive to say. I always feel beat down & like I’m not important to this place. Maybe I am, maybe I’m not. Who knows. All I know is I don’t always feel like it. I seriously need to find a job where I feel important.

WIM + Weekend Recap

Seriously, the stress hasn’t died down any. If anything it has gotten worse. To a point.

My house worries are over. She wants to rent the room. Which will be a huge help to me. Extra income every month will be much appreciated! The extra money will allow me to start painting & making some small renovations to the house. Starting with the large bathroom – it is seriously dated & needs some major work.

All of my crazy running around over the weekend is done. So that’s good too. I had a blast with my friends & family who came to town this weekend. I did lots of eating with everyone in town though. Whew! Saturday night we went to this little hole in the wall joint called Abby’s. But holy goodness it is amazing food. If you don’t get enough to eat from there something is wrong with you. Sunday my mom & step-dad came to town. They took us to Cabo Fish Taco – my favorite taco joint ever! So yummy. I got my usual shrimp tacos but got them grilled with a side of sautéed veggies. Very yummy. And what was even more yummy was the slice of Key Lime Pie I got after lunch. Om nom nom nom.

Now my only worry is school. Blah.

I have 7 out of my 9 individual assignments completed. We have finished 1/2 of the case analysis we’re doing. And we have some solid footing for our final project. I need to do a little bit of research for 1 of my individual questions. Do some more reading for the individual assignment. And find an article to write up a quick review of for my final individual assignment. I fear I won’t get all of this completed in time. I am stressing. To the max.

I’m trying to get some of my homework done here at work – shhh, don’t tell the bosses! – and that’s going fairly well. Still stressing though. I can’t decide if I should stay with the one I love or not tonight. I have so much I need to get done. I need internet access to do it. He doesn’t have such a thing at his house. It all hangs on how much work I get done while here at work.


Weigh-In Monday!!

Last week: 220.75
This Week: 219.00
Difference: – 1.75

Total weight loss since I recommitted to this journey, 3 pounds. I’ll so totally take that.